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Storm Skis From UK: pics

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Thought people might like to see some pics we got from Storm along from some info and quotes from their head-honcho...

One week after launching their website at StormSkis.com in October 2008, Andy David and crew introduced their lineup of skis at the London Ski Show. One of two new (and only?) U.K. ski companies I know of, Storm Skis designs and manages their lineup of freeride and carving skis (yes - a "Freeride" company making a slalom-inspired carving ski for the frontside...now THAT's unusual) from the U.K., but has the actual construction performed in a "leading European factory" specializing in wood cores.

While Storm appears to be a totally UK based company, Andy David, director of Storm, says he has much broader and bigger plans to grow the brand across Europe and into the rest of the skiing World. Storm will bring out a bunch of new skis:

- Stormforce Pro 137-110-126 32m radius @191cm
big mountain powder ski
- Devastator Pro 125-100-120 24m radius @183cm
big mountain powder ski
- Storm Strike 134-105-124 22m radius @180cm
backcountry twintip
- Storm Rage 118-84-107 19.1m radius @166cm,
21.2m radius @ 174cm
- Storm Aurora Sky 121-82-110 18m radius @173cm
- Storm Inferno Lab 114-64-99 11.3m radius @155cm,
12.6m radius @ 165cm.
- Storm Blaze (no specs other than 155cm) smaller version of Inferno for lightweight skiers.

“I want to avoid any stigma being placed on us by being British run as soon as possible. All of our team are seasoned snowsport professionals with many seasons experience gained World Wide. It is for that reason now that we are actively seeking international distributors and athletes to sponsor to broaden our global appeal”.
Build quality and attention to detail is of utmost importance to Storm, and that is why they enlisted the help of a specialized European construction facility rather than trying to do it all alone. As with so many small ski designers, trying to build and maintain a high-quality production shop is prohibitively expensive, so it makes sense to spend limited cash on designs, materials and testing. Outsourcing construction of the materials and designs to your specifications to experienced and well-equiped facilities seems to be a winning combination for launching new ski companies. With some shops laying partially idle after production runs for bigger ski companies, keeping the presses humming and employees busy with smaller customized production projects keeps eveyone happy and more skis coming out to hungry skiers.

Not only is Storm setting themselves apart from the typical freeride ski company by producing a narrow-waisted frontside carving ski, their entire approach and attitude is different. While most new freeride companies jump on the bandwagon of skateboard-inspired, grunge and post grunge chic style attitude, graphics and company communication with the customers, Storm has chosen a clean and simple look and feel for the skis and the corporate image. As Andy says:

“I am just a bit tired of seeing the same old street style graphics being reproduced by so many brands. So given our company and name and outlook, we have opted to try and portray ourselves in a different light by sticking close to our original Storm theme. This is a conscious attempt to make all our company’s products become easily identifiable. If we become a recognised brand over the years to come and build a reputation for quality goods and do it in a way where we do not have to depict street crime and or glamorise violence then that will be a mission accomplished for me. Surely the environment and places we find ourselves participating in this sport should encourage a more wholesome approach and message to be conveyed. To coin a phrase I read recently on a ski site….lets drop cliffs not bombs! This perfectly sums up our approach to the whole design process

Storm will run an extensive try-before-you-buy program over the winter, so people will be able to get out and about on these products to offer independent reviews. We here at ExoticSkis will try to get on some Storm Skis as soon as we can get our hands on a pair this season and report on how they perform. Keep your eyes on their website for announcements and availability of different models.
Initial on-snow reports from people trying the Storm skis indicate these are serious, athletic skis for hard charging riders, not some fluffy poofy freeride wannabe skis. We will let you know what they feel like as soon as we can get on a few pairs.

Some pics:

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Andy David at Storm Skis has expanded their lineup to 12 models to cover nearly any market segment in 2010-2011, including the introduction of an early-rise tip/tail spatula/pintail powder ski ("Twisted Sista"). Andy sent their new catalog to us. Click HERE to view the new Storm Skis catalog (11mb PDF). They continue their woodcore, sandwich construction throughout the lineup. We tested a couple models of their skis last season. They will be at ISPO and SIA for 2010.

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