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Cramping Soles?

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Still very much in the break in period for my new boots (only 2 days on 'em), but I had this problem with my last ones too (same insoles) so I figured I'd toss up the question.

Pretty quickly after getting skiing in the boots (even standing around on the skis) - maybe 1-2 runs - the soles of my feet get pretty painful. Pain is pretty widespread, but is centered just about an inch back from the ball of my foot (in the beginning of the arch) and centered on my foot. Spreads across pretty much the whole width of my foot and back along the whole arch portion of my foot. I generally have to stop after about 60-90 minutes, take off the boots, and the pain fades within about 15-20 minutes. Painful to the touch when boots first come off, some pin-type sensations. Very little pain after the boots have been off for a while (little or no pain the night after skiing).

Happens on both feet, but more severely on the left. Have long arches and pronate on both sides. Using "instafit" insoles from GMO, they were looked at by my bootfitter down in DC and he said they looked pretty good.

Not sure if these are connected, but some other things of note: Big toes have a little bit of pressure on the top inside, needs to be punched/ground a bit more. Big toes both cold/painful, little toe on left foot also gets numb. Have a boot glove on and the rest of the foot is nice and toasty, so it's gotta be a circulation and/or nerve thing.

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Hi Jmblur,

The tingling would indicate a pinched nerve which could occur from to tight a boot (width wise) or from compression on top of the foot---(the dorsal pedis nerve runs on top of the bones in the mid foot then drops down between the fourth and fifth metatarsals and proceeds forward under the ball of the foot.)

Cped/master bootfitter
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