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Rusty Guy

Thanks for replying. Big E above has explained pretty well what I meant, the difference between active and passive use of the skis. Your story is of someone discovering carving by having the ski or skis hook up, the skis effectively carving themselves, sooner or later has to become the deliberate hooking up of the skis. I was just interested in the progression which Big E has explained well enough.
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For Bob & Fastman - when I was an intermediate skier I had an instructor who tried hard - but could not stop me doing all these 'bad' things... one day I had a big fright from a close encounter with a race kid... ski school sent me off to have a lesson with one of the older instructors in the school - to try to 'recover' as tthey felt if I finished the season like that I would not ski again....

This poor guy had been told "disabled skier, very nervous, had a scare" etc... On the lift he asked where I liked to ski & what we had been working on... I proceeded to enlighten him as to my 'bad skiing' ....
After a few runs on the local intermediate area blue runs he looked at me & said "I LIKE your skiing" he proceeded to tell me that SURE there was stuff I hadn't learnt to do yet - but I really did NOT have bad habits....

The change in perspective on my skiing was probably the thing that kept me going - I had become very frustrated as I expected to not get better due to all my 'faults' as a skier...

I promptly changed instructors the following year - found one that would help me see my skiing more from 'what I ahd to learn' perspective...
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I guess I would toss out one additional idea vis a vis the one footed/park and ride/two footed carve progression/process.

IMHO it is adviseable to begin students carving experience with RR track turns and/or carved uphill arcs

In the event this takes place the genesis for a more dynamic turn becomes two pencil thin lines in the snow that get deeper and deeper!
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