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Calgary Based Ski Trip

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Here are Pics From My Recent Solo Getaway
Got into Calgary 12-24 around 2:00 pm
Rent a car and get into Golden BC around 5:30
Stayed at The Sportsman Lodge (Very clean room at a good rate, about 100 per night)

Next day 12-25-08 Short Drive to Kicking Horse
about 2 cm of snow overnight with flurries durring the day
Hired a Guide from the Big Mountain Center. It was alot of money but worth it. I had a guy named Andy who was very good. He new where to find good snow on the mountain but most important was he took me down Chutes that I wouldn't feel comfortable doing with my wife. Redemption ridge and CPR ridge have REALLY STEEP CHUTEs. Also he took some pictures for me. Here they are...

After that I found the only place open on Christmas Eve, Had 2 beers, a plate of wings and then slept like a baby.
Next morning on 12-26 I woke up around 6, packed up my stuff and then drove about 50 minutes to Lake Louise. It was a nice resort, but I could imagine it being nicer with better conditions. My favorite area of the day was the Ptarmigan area, where there were some soft bumps on a consistant pitch. These pictures are of random people...

After this I drove to Banff where I checked into the Ptaarigan Inn. Another clean and affordable option. 1 minute walk to Bars and Food.

The Next morning I skied at Sunshine Village. Light snow came throughout the day which gave a nice coating to everthing. Best areas were bumps on Goats Eye, powder stashes on Mt Standish and Trees near Angel Chair

Hope I didn't post to many pictures
Next trip is Snowbird the last weekend of January!!!
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As far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as too many pics

Nicely done
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Great report and pics. Lake Louise is the most beautiful place I have ever visited. The skiing is great, too.
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My favorite place in the world! Love it! Thanks for sharing!
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nice report!
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Looks awesome.

That's the steep stuff....I can see that from here!
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Originally Posted by David Hecht View Post
That's pretty damn steep!!!!!
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Thanks for the report and pics. I'll be there 14-21 March, staying in Banff. Can't wait.
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Firstly - great pictures. Need to hit Alberta someday.

Secondly - your skiing reminds me of mine. Can do as steep as they come - but sitting back and leaning into the hill. My extreme canadian guide screamed at me all the time at whistler - "Your skis will whip out from under you - you will die !!!!!!"
note to self - got to correct that this year.
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looks like you had a great trip, its always great to see people enjoying what I sort of consider my 'home' resorts... even though I live 8 hours drive away!
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