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I accept your corrections. I guess the first time I heard it, I understood it as I described it above. Perhaps it has evolved in many circles.

Lateral learning? My understanding of that is that it means exploring a movement or patterns at certain level to create ownership and versatility before moving ahead.

Jeeeshh! Kids these days are so smart!

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Lisamarie - those who say there is no transfer between Pilates and skiing will also say there is no transfer from yoga to skiing. They will also insist that skiing is a "power" sport (remember him) and that its not a real meal without beef.
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I read an interesting book about sword fighting written in the early 17th century that talks about the middle position as the source of strength, finesse, and precision in cutting.

I guess the abs and glutes would be key to maintaining a middle position.

Transfer is a connector like a hot link. Sometimes it links the present and the past and sometimes the present and the future.

Lateral learning deserves its own thread. It involves transfer, but is less a connection than a variation on a theme. In that sense it serves to anchor new learning.

Lateral learning in education parlance is divergent production. Transfer is more convergent, in that a synthesis between two previously unrelated items is forged in the process.

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Excellent, Nolobolono

See, I told you kids today are smart!
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I like what you say, Weems, about teaching the fundamentals and using CAP.

These four things together make a good teaching toolkit.
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BTW, great topic, tree frog!
This sounds paradoxical, but, Step Class. When done correctly, you need to bring your center of gravity up onto the center of the step, over your feet or base of support.

Most students do this class incorrectly, butts sticking out, feet barely touching the edge of the step. I once corrected a student on this, and she said "Oh my god, I'm in the backseat on my skis again!"
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