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East coast ski reco?

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Hey guys,

I have been skiing for a few years now. When I got started I bought a pair of K2 4Coms and some inexpensive boots. In the intervening years I obviously improved as a skier and realized I needed at least to upgrade my boots. I went and had a proper fitting done and now seem to be in a pair of boots that fits me very well and works for me. Concequently I am now finding the 4Coms to be entirely useless. On anything relativley easy, I have no trouble geting the edges to dig in and ski confidently. However once things get a little bit steep (well, steep for PA) I overpower them trying to hold an edge and the tails just wash out.

So its time for new skis...

I am 5'7", 165 lbs, 28yo, male. I mostly ski on the icy pimple known as Blue Mountain, PA. The snow here can vary from scraped off ice to occasional nice soft snow to chopped up crud. I also like to make a few trips up north. The terrain we have here in PA doesnt scare me, I can ski confidently on what they call "double blacks" here. I prefer to stick to blue cruisers most of the time with the occasional trip down something steeper.

I generally try not to get going too fast as my 4Coms feel unstable when they get moving. My preferred style is making short tight turns on edge. Ill make big wide carved turns on easier terrain but when it gets to steep I prefer to be able to hold my edges long enough to control my speed vs skidding (like I end up doing now).

I demod a couple of skis over the past week and plan to demo some more next week (Elk Mt on 1/9/2009).

First I tried was the Nordica Overdrive in a 163. These were much stiffer than the 4Coms and I liked that alot. I have rather strong legs for someone my size, so the stiffness was refreshing. I was able to control my turn radius well just by changing how much pressure I was giving it and the ski responded in kind. I really liked this feeling and want more of it.

The second one I tried was the Atomic Drive 9 in 172. This was obviously a cruiser ski and it really didnt fit my tastes at all. While it was a decent ski, it wouldnt make the kind of turns I liked and didnt fit my preferred technique.

So what I am looking for I guess is something that allows the short turns easily vs something that rips hard down the mountain. At the same time I want to get something that will go through crud and soft snow easily.

I dont feel like I want to buy something at the level of the Overdrive though if I think I might grow out of it too quickly. I went to a few ski shops to get some reccomendations - but I want to get a general opinion from some others as well:

My list to demo at the moment is:
*Nordica Nitrous: 78 mm waist - too much for the east? I really liked the way the Overdrive "felt" so I hope this is similar.
*Volkl AC30: shop guy's reco, but this might be a bit beyond my ability...I dont know. He claimed it excels at the short turns I prefer but that isnt exactly what I read about them
*Rossignol Z? - Another of the shop's recos
*Dynastar Contact 10.

Any other ideas? Things to avoid? Pitfalls to watch out for?
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Come down and see me, I am at Wick's in Exton.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Come down and see me, I am at Wick's in Exton.

Somehow I knew you would be the first to respond

I'll have to drop by there when I get a chance.
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