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I'm disappointed but I'm unable to make the "Epicski Academy" that week. However, it got me thinking that a camp might be a good idea. Does anyone have comments regarding some of the other camps, eg Mahre camp, Ski with the Champs, Xtreme team, etc? I'd appreciate any suggestions.
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Join the NE Gathering at Sugarbush March 1-4
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Well, . . . not exactly. The New England gathering is just that, but if Kee Tov or any other professinal and any Bears do hook up for instruction, great! As of now, there are no plans for getting permission from Sugarbush or Mad River Glen, so any instructors planning such activities are on their own to do that follow up.
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I've taken multiple one week camps from some of the folks mentioned. All were tremendous. Show up in shape, prepared to get worked, and you will have the time of your life (and make some serious breakthroughs as well). [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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TAMski--as a former coach of the Mahre Training Center at Keystone (nearly 15 years), I can vouch for that one--it's a very good program, grounded in the fundamentals of great skiing, and featuring, of course, Phil and/or Steve Mahre along with Keystone's top pros. I recommend the 5-day camp over the 3-day, by the way, especially for the first time.

Most multi-day special programs will probably serve you well. They usually involve the most experienced and effective instructors at whatever resort, and most result from some real effort to put together a cohesive, well-conceived agenda. I would also look into Lito Tejada-Flores' "Breakthrough on Skis" programs at Aspen, especially if you consider yourself an intermediate skier, or the North American Ski Training Center (NASTC) programs.

I wish you could join us in Utah--maybe next time! But there are indeed other programs worth looking at.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Thanks for comments, I'll plan on doing something. I'll also plan on the Epicski NorthEastern rendezvous in March. Thanks.
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www.skiclinics.com for Xteam
I have been to a few had a great time always. These guys managed to deliver a great clinic last year at Jay Peak when it was brutally cold and the mountain got rained on and fronzen solid.

www.steepcamps.com for Snowbird camps

www.jacksonhole.com and look under adult programs/camps/steep and deep camps

Keep in mind Doug himself will only ski with you for one day.

This more of a guided service, but La Grave itself will teach you a few things.

Ski school their has their own several day camp.

Out of Whistler. Heard great things about these guys.

All of the above are all mountain camps, expect to ski off-piste and deal with powder/crust/trees/etc.
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While we're listing camps here, one of the most well respected is run by our very own ESki. The XTeam clinics fall under his umbrella, but he (they) also offer a more broad-based set of programs:

Eric Deslauries' www.AllMountainSkiPros.com
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Hi Tamski:

I have taken a few clinics from various teachers. From my experience they were all very good in that I learned something new and was hit (taught) from a different angle in each. The xteam clincs from my participation are great in that they pushed me to ski harder than I was used to (good thing). My take away from my first few clinics was that I needed to get in much, much better shape in order to ski dynamically and athletically in off piste conditions. I did embark on a ski specific training program after the clinic. (Xteam, All Mountain Ski Pros)

Other clinics that I have participated in tended to be more analytical and methodical which is helpful as well. These programs helped me dial in and refine my technique. (Nastc)

I have not taken a Mahre training center camp. This is next on my list. I find I learn something new from every camp and I like to get instruction from different angles and perspectives and the downhill/gate running training will be a new experience for me.

Bottom line from my experience, show up in excellent shape and you will learn enough to make huge breakthroughs in your skiing!

Good Luck! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Damn, I can't believe I forgot to plug Eric's camp. Thanks AC.
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