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Scott skis

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Any thoughts on the skis that Scott has produced in the past couple of years? I'm seeing some go on Ebay for good prices and would gamble on purchasing a pair knowing that they ski decently without demoing. Give me your $.02 worth.
Thanx, Art
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Art: Why don't you try calling the guys at "Ski Canada". They might be able to give you first hand info from there testing.

What are you skiing on now?
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FFF: Am riding on Atomic 10.20's (180)for the most part and have a pair of Head cyber 45's (170)as well (one of those Sport Chek skis, more like a '01 40 with TPS). I'd like to add something like a short turn ski(150-160) to the quiver. These skis are going on average for $120 CAN. As far as Ski Can goes good point. I think that I will head over there now.....
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Nasty...nuff said.
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Originally posted by artimus:
Nasty...nuff said.
Just curious, what did the ski canada reviews have to say and about what models? Would you mind providing a link?
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I too would love to hear more about these skis. Any information from someone who has skied on them and what level of quality there is in there construction. Does anybody have any sites where I can read more about these??? Thanks for any information you can give or any good links.

Ty [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Found this......

Scott USA Endorphin RC
Men / Women / Overall
Test rating:
* / ** / *1/2
Length: 186/178
Binding: Tyrolia Sympro 8 with Scott XTP 9mm Plate
Sugg. retail: $765
Best in: Long Radius, Carving, Acceleration/Carving, Acceleration, Agility
Skier weight: Heavier/ Both
Skier style: Power / Both
Conditions: Hardpack / Both
Skier ability: Extreme / Intermediate to Advanced
Sweet spot: Centred / Centred
Men's Comments: "Extremely sharp edge-power to the tip and let it rip." (Stein) "Versatile all-mountain carver." (Baycroft) "A C-shaped turner, best for open GS courses. Definitely for heavier, stronger skiers." (Weiss)
Women's Comments: "Ski was sharp, brittle and reactive-not what I want in a GS ski. Very nice for short snappy turns. Stiff but light. Hard to make bend for big arcing turns." (A. Terwiel) "Felt a bit sharp. Held nicely on short turns but could be really quick to come around halfway through-don't push it! Held well in GS turns as well." (Younker) "Initates well, holds a nice edge, but feels a little sluggish underfoot. Takes a while to accelerate once the turn is initiated. Stable skis but not sure how versatile." (Bowie)
Consensus: Several male testers pointed to a tuning problem with this ski (edges too sharp), which likely contributed to its low ratings overall. Most of the men definitely felt you had to attack it to make it work. Female testers remarked upon the tune as well, but were able to get more performance out of the ski.

Men / Women / Overall
Test rating: not listed
Length: 177, 170
Binding: Tyrolia Synpro 9 with Acerbis 12mm Plate
Sugg. retail: $615
Best in: Initiation, Carving, Acceleration
Skier weight: Heavier / Heavier
Skier style: Power / Power
Conditions: Hard / All
Skier ability: Advanced / Advanced
Sweet spot: Centred / Centered to Back
Men's Comments: "Agile and quick, this does the trick, but ya gotta be light to ride it." (Stein) "Carves okay, but uneven flex pattern reduces versatility and makes it tough to find the sweet spot." (G. Terwiel) "Stable at speed, easy entry without an exit." (Weiss)
Women's Comments: "Best at slow to moderate speeds in small to medium arcs; for an intermediate skier-not very trustworhthy; inconsistent flex." (Dunn) "Unless you powered this ski, it would go its own direction. Tips are catchy and I couldn't relax." (Milne) "Quick to initiate, quick to finish, but no substance in between. Couldn't maintain its arc in the fall line. Skids well. Good for an intermediate skier who skis a small hill.
Consensus: Maybe it was the flex, or the tune, or the weight of this skis, but the Scott simply did not hook up well with our testers, and had them scratching their heads about how it would perform under real race conditions. Some thought it might work for heavy testers, others suggested a light touch. Definitely they won on price point: almost $500 less than the highest-priced ski in this category.

See if you guys can read between the lines and tell me what you think.

Edit: Both these reviews were for the '02 models

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Enough with the Scott skis. Let's get back to the real issue, Scott boots with Spademan binding plates!!!! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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