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new tricks

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Last week I had my big jumps hat on, and the enthusiasm and confidence was flowing through my veins. I felt comfortable and happy going large, so much so that I was trying all the tricks I could think of.

However, how does one go about going inverted? What is the first step, short of hiring yourself a big ramp and splash pool? I think the safest first attempt might be the dinner roll - a flat spin when you are only actually upside down for a small period - bail any time outside of that and you land side first, which isn't so bad in pow.

Any tips?
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I agree with Jim,
Get the tramp, or join a club, or maybe your local College/Jc or Highschool might have a Phys ed course on trampoline if you can't afford a good one. Extension courses at local universities some times have stuff like this too.

You need one of those that are at least 12' long.

You should have a good sense of where the ground is at all times, during flips backwards and forwards first with twists... If you can't learn this on the tramp, don't even try the inverts on snow. it's not worth the risk.
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another thought... If you have access to an indoor pool, you can play on the diving board to get a feel for spacial awareness and learn how to spin and flip. If you do get your own trampoline, take an old pair of shorter skis, file the edges round, then duct tape the edges for even more protection, and learn to spin and flip with skis on.
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Thanks for the advice, people. Unfortunately I don't have acces to a trampoline at the moment (in the very heart of the English Midlands!!). I have a bouncy bed, though...

Anyway, maybe the summer is a better time to practice these things - not the same mad rush to get it done.

Guess I'll just stick to the uninverted, but go a little bigger next month in Verbier...
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when i started going inverted only about a month ago i was scared sh*tless. as a result, i ended up underrotating my backflip and landed on my head/neck. had i been smarter, i probably would have not attempted another one. but i did, and i found that the more confidence you have, the more likely you are to complete the flip. as you near the jump, keep your knees bent and stay centered over the ski, as you hit the lip, throw your head back, as you are upside down, spot your landing. as you complete the rotation, land the jump like any other and nonchalantly ski away.
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I learned all my tricks on snow. You Just have to go through the tricks in your mind a million times and visualise exactly what to do, and how your body is going to rotate in the air. Focus on every detail untill you the jump seems like the easyes and most natural thing to do. When you have done this, things seems to go on reflex alone. When you try it out for the first time don`t think at all, just do it. If you let your mind wander away thinking of how bad you can hurt yourself doing the jump, you will for sure crash like hell. STAY FOCUSED AND DO NOT THINK.
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ain't that the truth...
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Sorry everybody, I am gnarlydude, but simply couldn't keep a stright face with such a ridiculous pseudonym.

Crystalextreme, you make it sound so easy, my friend. I particularly like the "ski nonchalantly away" part. Kind of tricky when you're planted upside down, though.

I will let you know how I get on...

Pass me a bottle, Mr Jones...
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In planning to go inverted next month, I have been considering a lid. Fair enough to protect your nut, but I have to say I'm a little more concerned about my neck and back. Surely that's where more injuries occur?

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Start whit frontflips. Doing a frontflipp there is litle or no danger of hurting your neck. As long as you have some sort of rotation and you keep your head tucked down aginst your chest, you will just roll out if you land head first. Remember that frontflips are easyer on kickers than on bigjumps whith a high "launching-angle".

Staying alive
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Why are no replies showing here?
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Oh,...they are now.
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a backflip is no doubt the easiest invert. it is so ridiculously easy the first time you stick one you will just turn around and laugh. find a very steep jump, almost straight up. as you hit the lip throw your head back as hard as you can, its not even necessary to pop off the lip. the jump being straight up and down will get you 1/4 of the way around, throwing your head back will get you 1/2 way around immideately. then just keep looking back spot the landing, thats all. your first time get 4-5 ft of air and youll be fine. when you get good you can do a back with 1-2 ft of air. you dont need to practice on tramps or anything for simple inverts like backs. it does help later though, i have friends who are throwin flairs, fronts, and backs, on flat ground in their tennis shoes cuse of so much practice on tramps and snow. the first time you go for a back on snow youll probly wuss out and land on your back or head, most evryone does. it really doesnt hurt too much, especially in pow, you dont need a helmet or anything just as long as its not ice. i messed up my back pretty bad over rotating on a massive tweaked out mute back a couple weeks ago but i was skiing 4 days later so youll be fine. i dunno why you thought a dinner roll would be the easiest trick to do, like a flatspin, rodeo, or misty, it requires a 5 to do it properly making it more difficult. fronts are the next trick, if you need help with those or any other trick just post somethin
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I was under the impression that a dinner roll is where you just spin your lower body over your upper - like in Men in Black where Tommy Lee Jones drives over the roof of the tunnel. Didn't realise you spun laterally as well.

Won't be trying that any time in the near future.

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johnny- that sounds like a lincoln. they are easy too, just heave your left arm down to your right leg across your body or vise versa. a dinner roll is actually just a rip off of alot of other corked tricks that johnny moesley made up. also if you dont wanna go inverted to something corked where your not completely inverted like a flatspin. if you need any help with any of this just post something
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OK, how about a flat spin - what is ti and how do you do it?

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I try all my tricks at a divingboard before putting'em out on the snow!!! That's what you should do!!
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Lake Placid

Lake Placid offers a ski jumping school that ends in a pool so you can learn without killing yourself. Bring a wetsuit the water is cold!
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Like most posts indicate, proper training with equipment and a coach should be the goal. Even purchasing a trampoline, you should first have proper technique taught. I grew up on a tramp with my parents insuring we first learned proper techniques regarding body rotation and recovery. Not that you need to be a gymnast, but I can’t tell you how many times I have seen people seriously hurt themselves on a tramp for the first time trying something as apparently simple as a back flip. While some say “it is easy” not everyone shares the ability to appropriately control their body moving multidimensionally. Do it but do it right…
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Everyone told me to learn back flips before front flips, but for some reason I ignored them.

I learned front flips by just finding catwalks with deep powder landings. As you get to the lip of the catwalk, just do a front summersault. My first attempts had maybe three feet of clearance before I just flopped on my back, but after a few times I was able to just get a little more air and a stay tucked up for a little longer, and pretty soon I was getting it all the way around.

If you do it this way, it is pretty much zero risk. I landed on my head a couple times and the worst thing that happened was I got snow down my jacket. Its really freaking fun too.

Good luck.
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Ok, so how come for all but the last three posters, post count comes up as n/a, and noone has any avatars, adn everyones name is in small type?

Is this thread cursed, or banned or something now?

EDIT: Just saw the dates, think I know why. Wondering why someone would bump a five year old thread on learning tricks.
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