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I've written an article (related to ski instruction and learning) which I tried to get published in Skiing. Rick Kahl liked it but said it was a bit too academic (and long). He suggested trying to publish it in The Professional Skier and write a second article stemming from the 1st for Skiing (which I am working on).

I guess my choices are to submit it to The Professional Skier or perhaps just publish it here where I am sure to get some interesting and valuable feedback. I suspect, however, that if I post it here I will lose the opportunity to publish it elsewhere.

Any advice?
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Send a note to Joan Rostad,


She may assist, or go to; Hyperchangecafe.com ask there, Joan monitors that one.
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Once you submit, they need to give it to the technical commitee. according to the email I recieved, it takes about 2 months. The contact name is Rebecca Akers. If I wasn't catching a plane soon, I'd find the address for you. Joan has it.
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