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Old bindings..

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These are going soon..right to the dump..then someone will have wanted one..lol..maybe should have been gone a long time ago. Gotta get started.. more to come. Who knows why people collect..(or keep..who me??) some stuff..then..cry when they can't find it or it is gone. Maybe some chalet memories. Whatever.

None of these have screws..I need the scews/use them all the time. None appear to be broken..some look rough. They may or may not be complete.

Geze.. ?(scuffed) 40 toe,G57 toe
Salomon..2-857D heels,747D heel
Tyrolia..2-90 toe,90 heel,2-190 heel,2-420 toe, 2-540 heel.
There are also 2 more complete Tyrolia sets. I can't remember the model #s?right now Newer. 640? 690? 1 pair is on a pair of skis going to the dump. The other pair if the skis don't sell is new..on a basiclly new pair of skis..going to the dump too. And I think there are 2 more newer sets of 12 din plastic Tyrolia's too.

More to come.
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BTW, if you happen to run across dysfunctional Gezes with the 4-roller toe (9xx series), I can use the heelpiece brackets.

Also looking for 9mm ESS/VAR 2-piece co-molded lifters like came with the 512s. Look Maxflex as well.
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Where are you located?...

I might be able to steal parts off one of the salomon heels to fix my S850s...
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PM sent about tyrolias
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Comprex..I don't think I have the stuff you are looking for. I am pretty sure I have a pair of Yellow striped Gezes somewhere around here that I have not seen forever. Yours of course if I find them If I see any Geze/ESS VAR stuff cheap in my travels..I will get it for you.

I am in Toronto.

The sets of Ty's I was not sure of the models of are 540,560,680,690. The 2 sets of 12dins in bags are 690's. Someone said they are coming tomorrow for the 12 dins.
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