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Leki Carbon 11

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I found a pair of these online for a great price. No dealers stock them in my area. Are these a pretty stiff durable pole? Or is there something more stout I should be looking at?
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More stout? what are you trying to do with them? Leki makes good poles, no question. Did you have something in particular you were looking for?
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I just want to be sure they're not a flimsy pole. The leki website doesnt give much info.
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I doubt you'll be disappointed. I consider Leki one of the benchmarks of what a good pole should be. Og course, I only use adjustables, but my carbon pair seem just as tough as my aluminum pairs.
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It's definitely a good pole. The question is whether it's what you want. Typically a thin carbon pole has a bit of flex/springiness in it. For a stiffer carbon pole you want a bit more diameter.
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