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Big Sky till New Years

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The family is here for a week. We're going to ski enough to make our legs sore and eat and drink enough to gain weight regardless of how much we ski. Here are the conditions we've seen.

Snow Very good for December. Good cover. All lifts open including the tram - unless there is too much wind. NO gondola so it get a little crowded at the base area which is unusual for Big Sky.

Sky Cloudy and windy too. Periods of sun but not many so far, no family photos.

Temps 20 to 30 the past three days but windy at times.

Forecast two to four inches tonight, a little more tomorrow, partly cloudy and cooler. Several more storms expected to roll through.

Overall Really good conditions for December at Big Sky. the whole mountain is open and the snow conditions are great. Set and edge and you can make a turn. there is fresh snow but you're not going to float in powder where we've been. Bumps where you want bumps and enough snow for groomed as needed. My only caveat is the wind way keep some lifts closed and if it get colder the winds may make it a little brisk, but for now it's hard to beat.
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Sounds like a blast.

Have fun.!
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Got better today. A few inches of snow overnight and blue sky all day on the 30th. The forecast called for cloudy - windy - and snowing. Goes to show how much faith you should put into weather forecasts.
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That sounds like a great day of skiing.

How's the scenery??

How's the mountain skiing?? Is Boyne taking good care of the slopes??

I wonder because I ski at a Boyne owned mountain and I have mixed feelings about the "new" ownership. Diplomatic I know, but true....mixed feelings.
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Skiing is good and it has snowed a little every day this week.
Temps have stayed below freezing for a while now so there is no melting. The forecast is for 2-3 inches today (Thursday) but it's snowing too hard right now to see so I hope it slows down for a few hours. There is plenty of snow.
I do not see any difference in the operation of the resort. Probably a few more green card carrying employees, but I don't think that's due to the ownership change.
Wind closed some of the upper lifts at times as there have been a few more folks in the lower lift lines than in past years but still nothing like many of the Colorado resorts.
Local restaurants say sales are down 20% - 30%. Pre Christmas sales were even slower than expected.
The way I read the announcement on the ownership change it sounded like the lender reached a point where the debt equaled the value of the asset that was mortgaged to secure the debt so at that point the lender becomes the owner because the previous owner no longer has any equity in the deal. The operator (Boyne) didn't change. Everything seems to be properly maintained.
I see no evidence that anyone is cutting corners anywhere.
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