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There are people who ski for the love of the sport. But I guess there are times, perhaps during a stalled lift, when they're minds are elsewhere. Regrettably, one inventor is from my own Jersey.
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I guess he's a little late. I've already ridden heated chair lifts. Omas I think, but they could have been Dopplemayer. Pretty amazing feat of engineering if you ask me. There is a little copper deal on the top of the grip that slides into a little track when the chair enters the bottom station and charges the seat up as it goes around the bull wheel. It really does work. The ones I have ridden were 6 and 8-seaters in Lech, Austria. They also had auto-deploying covers that would keep the seats dry as the chairs came back down. Very nice :thumbsup

I still have nothing against riding a centerpole Riblet though.
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The thing is once you get off the chair you get... very... very... COLD.
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