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Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel

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Have spent the past week on my new Nordica Hot Rod Jet Fuel’s. Before I sing their praises, here is the background:

Me: 5’11” – 195 lbs level 8 or so skier -

Jet Fuels: 170 cm - tip/waist/tail:126/84/112 (’08 model, but I believe the ’09 model is unchanged except for the graphics).

Old skis for comparison: Volkl AC4 170 cm - 125/82/110

Skiing at Copper Mountain – 10” of new snow with small snowfall on subsequent days, 2 -3 inches each day, cut-up crud, packed powder.

Let me start right off by saying that the Jet Fuel’s are one of the most perfect western resort skis ever! If you are looking for a 1 ski quiver for use in western resorts, you have got to put this ski on your list to demo.

I was seeking a ski with better powder performance than my Volkl's without giving up their great all mountain ability. Demo'd several skis including the Afterburner which is the same sidecut as the Jet Fuel, but without the metal sheets.

Started off the week with about 10” of new snow to try out my new skis. Was immediately impressed with how they handled in powder. Had fresh tracks most of the morning. The Nordica’s are not significantly wider than my AC4’s but they feel lighter, have a bit more flex and just floated better while still carving beautifully.

Once the snow got tracked out a bit, I didn’t feel any concern about plowing through the crud. Again, despite the lighter feeling from the Volkl’s, these skis handled it beautifully, still able to work past the heavier piles of snow without deflecting off course or bouncing me around. Good railed feeling throughout the turn.

Finally, on the packed powder, the skis carved nicely when I would let them run in bigger GS turns, were quicker than my Volkl’s in short swing turns and would also smear/skid without fuss when I wanted to slide off some speed or just relax a bit and not drive the turn. While not the most forgiving ski for backseat driving, I didn’t feel like getting in the backseat was an invitation to disaster. The Nordica’s also were far better in the bumps than the Volkl’s. Again that lighter, livelier feeling and quicker edge to edge made skiing the bumps much easier on the Nordica’s.

For me, this is about as perfect a ski for western resorts like Copper that one could ask. If out of the whole spectrum of ski conditions, you are looking for a ski that will take you from one step below boilerplate ice to one step above bottomless powder, this ski will do it.

My only possible concern with these skis would be a hint of instability at their/my top end for speed. There the Volkl’s have the edge. However, I would add that for my height and weight, for top end speed skiing, I think the 177 length would be a better choice than the 170’s I have. But I’m OK with backing off the pedal a bit in exchange for the better handling in the bumps.

Of course, being the gearaholic that I am, I can’t help wondering what the Helldiver is like….. Is there a step above perfect?
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I just bought this ski in the 177 cant wait to try it out tomorrow night! Im 6ft 220. My other ski has very little side cut and is a 189 with 92 under foot so Im looking forward to the same charging but better turns with more side cut and WAY lower radius @18 compared to my 30 somthings board!They are great for soft heavier snow.
Its going to be icey at night tommorow so that should be good to try them on and Saterday we should have a foot of fresh!! Nice veriables to try them out all in the same few days.
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I really like my 170 jet fuels. I'm 5'10" 160 lbs level 9 skier. I could ski them every day here in JH. They do some things really well and some not so well, but they do it all in a wide variety of conditions. I would like to try the Afterburner to see what the ski is like without the metal.
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I just got in from night skiing on the new 177 jets and they turn and rail nice on very hard groomers ice for around hear. You cant stick your pole in it was so hard conditions. I could carve these right over to almost boot out angles all the way down.
I did some FAST GS turning and held really good. The sense of speed is reduced with these skis. I was flying and only realized how fast when my level 1 instructor buddy couldn't catch me with his race stocks. We are usually neck and neck and it feels fast but the Nordics were so smooooth given the 84 under foot and beefy construction. Faster linked turns were OK but I generaly dont do those unless Im in narly steeps. I could jump to the next turn if I realy tried to pressure the arces out of the turn. Softer snow and a little steeper shorter turns would have been beter I think.
Lots of new snow on its way tommorow and friday cant wait to try them in the powder on saterday. I so far love this ski and its performing like I thought it would. Not super snapy but great edge hold and power on very firm groomers. They love speed!! Thanks for your coments on this ski Tag, it helped me make my decition to buy these skis yesterday.
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