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Help me find a new ski!

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Before I begin, Thanks ahead of time for any help you all can give in finding a new ski. I'm sorry If I am going to write to much, just trying to give as much info as possible
also tonight or tomorrow I will post pics of my recent canada trip in the trip reports section. In the kicking Horse section you can find pictures of me skiing on my current skis.
About me:
180 lbs, 5'10.5" 33 year male.
I have been skiing the rossignol B2 at 170 cm for the last four years. At the time I bought them I was 50/50 on /off piste. When I refer to off piste I mean, anything not groomed. I think that I have become more aggressive and powerful since then. I also think I am more like 70% offf piste now.
I am an aggressive skiier who likes challenging terrain. However, although I make it down most things on the trail map, I'm probably not the greatest with technique and I probably don't look that great doing it.
Things I love: Trees, Powder stashes
Things I like: Bowls, cruisers, Bumps. a little fun in the terrain park, 3 to 7 foot cliffs
Things that are OK: Ice, Ice bumps, Crud

Things I like about the B2
1) They feel light but strong. 2) They seem to have a dampening shock absorbing feel. 3) They seem to be nimble to ski trees, moguls, and to jump turn in narrow chutes. 4) It feels like a medium amount of sidecut that allows me to change up turn size which I like

Things I think that I dont like?
1) I'm not sure but I think I should have gone with a 177 instead of 170cm?. 2) I don't think it does as well as I need in deep powder, heavy crud ect... 3) at the time I bought the B2's they were a little fat, now the seem to be skinny in comparison to other all mountain skis
This leads to why I decided I want a new ski and what I want it for. I think rather than having to very different skis, I would like an all mountain/ big mountain ski to upgrade my B2, keeping the rossignols for a rock ski and for more groomed east coast type skiing.
other skis that I have tried
1) last year Rossignol scratch BC 177 the day after a big dump at vail. Felt great in powder stashes, not that good where it was tracked out. Felt kind of heavy

2) This past weekend at sunshine village I tried the Salomon Lord 177 cm. Many different conditions throughout the day from moguls, packed powder, heavy crud. After the first two runs of getting used to them, I felt like I could really charge the hill. I think I would like to try something a little more nimble for trees and a little lighter.

So far I have thought about
Volkl Mantras,
Head Monster 82 or 88
Rossignol Phantoms
K2 extreme seems good, but I don't think I want as dramatic of a twin tip.

Thanks again for any advise.
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I have been skiing 176 cm Rossi B2s for the past five seasons and like them for the same reasons you do. I am near your same height but about 25 pounds lighter. Last season, I began skiing the trees at Jay Peak and found the B2s were difficult to turn quickly in heavy powder.

After demoing some different skis, I bought new 166 cm Salomon Foils last month. I have been very happy with them the four times I skied them in powder. They float much better than the B2s and are much easier to turn. They also carve well on hard pack and ice - probably because they are new and have much sharper edges than my old B2s. I am not sure how they compare with the Lords.
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