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Video for MA - 04

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Here is a clip for you all to play with.

This is on a medium pitch, small soft bumps

The skier will be left unknown.

video clip

Have fun.

Edit: new link (faster [img]smile.gif[/img] )

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This skier is similar to video 3. Obvious weight on the heels...every turn the tips are lifted up.

Weight forward exercises, and tipping the skiis to turn, not lifting up(or skidding).
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This person has some very nice things going on. Very nice, quiet upper body, quiet and relaxed. Good quiet use of the hands. Nice upright stance. Very good rotary movements of the feet and legs. From this little bit, I'd say a Level 7 skier

To make this person stronger I'd work on simultaneous movement of the feet and keeping the feet on the snow (no picking up the inside foot.) Some hockey stops and parallel garlands would be a good start. Then moving back to the groomed I'd work on making the inside half a little more active and starting the turn earlier.

Overall, though, not bad at all. Lots of good things to work with. I'd say this person could move up a level or two over time.

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I’m not really seeing that the skiers is overly in the back seat. Maybe a bit, but not obviously. This skier is very sequential in style, and has a wedge going on to start the right turns primarily. There are some signs that the wedge is present in the left turn also. I wouldn’t say that this skier lifts the tip of the ski because of being in the back seat. I’m inclined to think it’s because this skier does it because of habit more than anything else that might be going on. Working on tipping drills on the groomers would help as suggested in an earlier post. Focus on simultaneous movement of both feet, keeping both on the snow and focus on centering better in the boot. Of coarse I could be wrong. [img]tongue.gif[/img] -----------Wigs
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