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Comfort from the start?

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So, I have always bought boots that were properly fitted and have always gone through the whole bootfitting process with bumping out and custom footbeds. My last two boots were the Salomon X-wave 10 and Nordica Speedmachine 10. Both boots were never comfortable from the start, but I have always been assured that the boots were the proper size and a good fit for my foot (wide foot with a high arch). As I mentioned, the boots were bumped out at pressure points (repeatedly) and I even had the boots worked on by different bootfitters.

The end result of all the work on my boots were a tolerable, but uncomfortable fitting boot. Finally, I couldn't take the amount of discomfort and went to look at new boots. I tried numerous brands of boots and almost got talked into buying another uncomfortable boot. However, I tried a pair of Rossignal B-Squad boots and was surprised that there was no discomfort. Obviously tight, but no points of pain!

I ended up buying them and after 10 days of skiing, I still find them still pain free (with no boot work!) and a great performing boot. I used to think that all boots had to have some discomfort before being broken in, but I will never buy another boot that starts out having discomfort.

One thing that I think made these boots so comfortable is that the shell size is 300 mm vs 295 mm in my other boots, even though they are all sized at 25.5. Is it common to have different shell sizes among the different companies?
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Great job on finding a boot that fits. Believe me, it does happen. We all deal with problems here (and often at the shop) and forget that boots do get fit everyday that are well picked by the fitter and customer.

What type of footbed did you choose?

Yes, shell lengths are all over the chart. A 27.5 shell (really a 27.0) in a Salomon is 315mm and the same sized boot in Garmont is a 317mm.

There are some extreme differences (more than 6 or 8 mm) out there but I can't remember them off the top of my head. Anybody?
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I used my old heat molded footbeds- sole orthotics.
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A Full Tilt 27 is 310mm, a Lange Banshee Pro is 317mm... that's a full size difference.

Seattle Sun, good to hear your feet are happy. One way of looking at things is your new boot is essentially a 1/2 size bigger than what you were in, most shells are sized 8 to 10mm apart for sizes (usually 10mm), you probably needed that extra 'little' bit. Happy skiing.
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Solle length differences are not necessarily transferred to the inside of the shell. If the shell fit is different than in this case they were, but each manufacturer uses different plastic thicknesses etc. so a longer sole length does not mean a boot that is 1/2 size larger.

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