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Skiing Kansas City Style

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Took the family up to the local (only) ski area in KC, Snow Creek. It's pretty pathetic, but my 13 year old got some boarding practice, and I got the 4 and 6 year olds on skis for the first time.

Pretty much all man made snow, though we did get maybe an inch last night. Slush by mid afternoon as it was about 40-45 degrees out.

The whole fam at lunch.

Ben, age 6

Josh, age 4 (and half of Mrs JHS)
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Thanks for the trip report!
Nice to see a happy family.
Keep up the Good work,
My kids no longer kids, but we always seem to meet up on the hill.
Old habbits hard to break!
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At 6, living in KC, my dad stuck me on some Lund skis from Sears and sent me down the hill in the backyard. I've been hooked ever since. I never would have guessed there would be a ski area in KC. How long has it been there?

Great to turn on the family however you can.
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It's been there about 20 years or so. I don't think it was open when I was younger b/c we always went to CO to ski. It must have opened mid or late 80's I guess. I went a few times in high school just for fun with friends and to goof around a bit.

It's good for the kids at least to get some exposure and some practice. The whopping 300 ft of vertical drop doesn't keep me entertained for too long. Mostly it's a bunch of 10-15 year olds straight lining in jeans and being happy they went so fast. It actually scares me sometimes.

We're trying to get the family out to CO in February. The little ones are pretty excited now that they have a 'taste'. Of course my oldest is already 'corrupting' them to try snowboarding! Ahhh!!!!!
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+ 1 on the KC lift served area, but then they have Cloudmont in Alabama! 150' vert

This picture makes it look much bigger
All the same, 300' vert isn't so bad. Most MidWest places are under 400'. Even the place I skied at around 5,000' elevation in the Smokeys last weekend was only 365' vert. They have bigger/better, but the small place had the best base coverage and was less crowded so I opted to go there. I did not regret it.

I guess the biggest question is how many days can a place stay open that far south at low elevation? Whatever it is I'd take it in a heartbeat. I have to drive at least three hours each way to ski anything at all.
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Snow Creek is pretty susceptible to the weather obviously. KC is around 1000 feet. I think we get enough cold nights that they can make snow often enough. It's a good north facing slope so I think once the base is built they can keep the trails covered at least through February.
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OK, I know this is way too much already for a trip to Snow Creek in Weston, Missouri, but I just got a new camcorder and I've been playing around with it. This is a screen shot from the video that shows most of Snow Creek.

The bunny hill goes from the right edge of the photo moving left towards the lodge.

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Snow creek

Should of been there today. We had fluff over pack and no people. Skiied my heart out for three hours without seeing a line.
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