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Boots that slide???

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I was skiing yesterday and saw a women who appeared to be sliding down the mountain in boots. Very awkward looking! Later, I see her on my way down. I stop and ask her what she is doing (politely of course) Very snippy, she replies that they are snow dogs or snow duds?? They are a boot with a little sled attached to the bottom. It literally looks like you are sliding down the mountain with just boots. She said "They're real big in Aspen". Now, I am an East Coast Skier, (not by choice, just by location), and I cannot believe that this is popular in Aspen. (or anyplace). Has anyone seen these? Is this something gaining popularity out west? I'm still getting used to seeing blades. Just curious.
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They're not new, they're old. They're not popular in Aspen, but they do make snowblades look pretty cool.
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Yes, snowblades went up a notch when I saw these. Thanks for the info.
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When I was in sales just about every place I worked there was some total dud product that bosses challenged us to sell-something that nobody ever bought. And, the corporate buyers were trying to save face by offering incredible incentives to move the crap. That sales pitch had to be an incredibly well crafted piece of BS and the lady that bought it.... Well, hopefully she is having fun with them
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Originally Posted by Highflyin View Post
Yes, snowblades went up a notch when I saw these. Thanks for the info.
"Sled Dogs" is the brand you're looking for, I think.

There have been several variations over the years, including ones with no metal edges, and ones that clicked onto soft boots.
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Song Mountain outside of Syracuse NY used to rent them. I tried a pair back in the early-mid 90s during a Sled Dog Demo day. A bunch of us (skiers and snowboarders) tried them and all agreed that they were unstable, not fun, had no advantage over any other method of getting down the hill and were generally very lame. I'm being nice when I say that.

I ate it pretty hard in the slush with them so I might be a bit biased, but I do blame this horrible contraption for my fall.

This lady was probably some very gullible gaper who went into a shop in Aspen trying to act cool. The sales people probably spotted an easy mark and sold her on the whole "this is what all of the Aspen locals use" line.
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they also work well for "bumper hitching" or "shagging cars" or whatever that is called in your neck of the woods

at least they did when i was growin up
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If she was enjoying herself, then there's nothing wrong with them.
I guarantee she won't get a spiral fracture of the tibia when her binding doesn't release, as happened to a friend of mine who was proud of his skiing, his boots and his expensive skis.
Think I'll try snowblades.
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That was the sad part. She looked miserable.
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Originally Posted by Highflyin View Post
That was the sad part. She looked miserable.
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For really good boot skiing, go to a world cup race. The techs take their skis away and if there is a bit between the finish and the bottom, they ski it on their boots. Ski it really well.
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'Butts That Slide' crossed my mind when I scanned this thread title.

At a neighborhood gathering this weekend, the host put on a pair of red rubber pants with a shaped plastic 'sled' (about 6" x 10") glued to the butt. Apparently, you can get ripping on these. Reminded me of straddling a shovel on hardpack.
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whew, just got in from rocking my sled dogs with all my neighbors. Good times.

No really, they are not popular in Aspen or anywhere for that matter. I've seen them before but it's been ages. I guess it's too bad she looked miserable. If you're going to do something enjoy it
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