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Bootfitting Help

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Sorry if this seems obvious to everyone else but I did try and search this forum to find some answers. I'm looking for a new pair of boots and I'm serious about going to a bootfitter to do it right this time. I've never had any real problems in the past but I've never had a real professional fitting before. I have a few general questions:

1. How long is the normal fitting process ... is it a couple of hours or a multi-day effort?
2. Should I bring my old boots along for a reference? What about my current skis?
3. About how much over the cost of the boots should I expect to pay? I realize it's a broad question just looking for some guidelines.

Sorry for the newbie questions, I just want to be prepared when I make the move.
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Every fitter works differently so best thing is to select your fitter, contact them and get the answers to your questions.

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Thanks for the feedback Lou. Actually, I was hoping you would turn out to be my fitter :-) I'm in Canmore and I was hoping to head over to see you sometime this week. I have a pair of Rossignol FreeRide boots (circa 2004) that I think need to be replaced. Do you have sometime this week for me to come in and try some boots out and hopefully get fitted? Any suggestion as to how long to allow for? I'm just trying to plan my time as I don't want to make any more trips to Calgary then what's necessary :-)

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