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Binding mounting

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Just got a new Pair of boots and the sole length is 297mm my old boots were 285mm so i had to adjust my Look Pivot 7 bindings on my MODX ski's (181 length) to get the new boots to fit. Now the center of the new boots are about 6mm behind the center position on the ski. Is it worth remounting the binding to get new boot's exactly centered on my MODX ski's?
Now i wish i had gotten Atomic bindings and could just put the vario zone in the forward postion but too late now.
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You've got a good binding there, I wouldn't remount the binding unless you don't like the way the ski preforms now, it may be a bit sluggish. That's a fair amount of difference in sole length, did you also change the boot size?
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Actually my new boots are a smaller size. My old boots were Dabello at 25.5 size with a soul length of 285mm, my new boots are Atomic Beta Race titanium 7.50 LC juniors in size 25.0 with a soul length of 297mm but the size is smaller inside as you can see. Its now offset farther back by 6mm from center since the soul length is actually longer than old boots.

Well i have to wait and ski to see if there to sluggish i guess, but for sure i guess i will have to compare old boots to new boots to see if i can tell differnce in boot position. My new boots are much stiffer so have to keep that in mind too.

Forward pressure was no problem to get to fit to new boots.
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Do you ever run into my old ski buddy Fred Siedl around Buffalo?
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You could leave the mounting as is and try the skis to see if you have a problem. If you do have a problem, I suggest mounting the bindings 1cm forward. That will give you 16mm distance from the current holes. A slight forward mount should never be a problem.

However, for a center mount you only have 6mm distance between holes, which is very little, so think twice about that approach.
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How exactly does one measure one's soul??

How big would James Brown's be?

Free your heels, poke your eyes out!
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dc9mm Just so you know, there is no difference between a 25 and a 25.5. The shells and the liners are the same. Boot companies don't have the $ for molds for half sizes. Half sizes do not exist. A 25 and a 25.5 will shell size the same, and pack out the same.
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This is a commen problem. We always have people going to a smaller shell size when we fit them in new boots. Normally, we do not remount if we can get proper forward presure. Of course. they end up being slightly ahead not behind. Doing a remount with the same binding to a one shell size difference can be a problem. The new holes can end up pretty close to the old ones, and even overlap. A good shop tech can often get it to work though. I hope your new boots are not too big. See how it skis, and then decide. I am totally anal about these things, and would probably remount to get the boot center right, and use a different binding if I had to. But that's just me.
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spinheli thats weird because i did try on 25.5 Atomics and they were a little to big. I could definatly tell the differnce between the 25.0 and 25.5, there liner must be differnt. And 24.5 were just to tight.

Soul length is right on boot on the side. My soul length is tatooed on the back of my head as far as James Browm goes, he must have had a huge foot.

Slatz I dont no Fred
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Hey, Spin, wouldn't the 25.5 size be a 26 shell with extra packing while the 25 shell would be used for 25 and 24.5 with extra packing?
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only on some Scarpa boots as far as I know. But hey, who knows?
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The question that needs to be answered first, is were your bindings toe specific bindings, ie. mounted with the toe piece at the center point of the ski. If so, no difference, just back off the heel piece.

However, if the bindings were mounted where the center point of the boot is suppose to be over the center point of the ski, then there could be a perceptable difference, only after you ski, will you notice if there is a change.

If there is, you may be able to fudge that difference by increasing very slightly the ramp angle [ perhaps by using some under binding shims,] but there probably is a good chance of over compensation.

What you are trying to acheive in all this
[ you, your boots, the bindings, and the ski ] is a balanced stance. If you have never had an alignment done, this maybe an excellent opportunity to solve two problems at the same time.

Of course if you change your boots more often than your skis, then a binding such as the old Esse Var's, that adjusts along the length of the ski, may be a better choice in the future.
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Iam just gunna wait until the season starts and ski them. If i dont like the feel compared to when i had the old boots that were centered on center of ski as compared to my new boots that are 6mm behind center now. (new boots center point is 6mm behind center point of ski)

Makes me think having predrilled ski's like my other ski's my Atomic Race 9.20 not such a bad thing after all.
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that-a-way dc,
nothin' like great fitting boots....


*I had intended to pick up the Pivots(LOOK)..or their latest...but would be interested in any opinions on this year's bindings....Marker's new one..Atomic's..etc.
Any significant differences..anywhere..?
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If you do end up wanting to move the bindings closer to center have the tech center the boots on the mark and then move them only as far as needed to stay out of the previous holes, or find a ingenuious tech with some free time and see if you can get him to mount the bindings for a larger boot and adjust the forward pressure so that it lines up on you center mark for the boots. This kinda thing is rarely done to my knowledge but possible, tho be prepared to bribe and tip the tech, it will be a pain in the ass to get this right.

As for boot sizing 25-25.5 same shell differing liners (for the majority of the boots I see)
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I had the same problem to deal with when I was looking for new boots. I was looking a pair of Lange's initially, which was about 5-6mm longer than my old Head boots. I eventually settled for a pair of Salomon Xwave 9's which happened to have the identical sole length and center mark as my old boots

I have rental bindings on my other skis, which are sure nice if you need to play around with the binding positioning. I can set the binding back 1cm for powder conditions, and 1cm forward for icy/hardpack.
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Hey Steve from what i have see the only new binding out there are from Marker the Piston Bindings, supposed to make the ski chatter less and engage next turn after rebound better but who knows if it really makes a differnce. Expensive too. Look and Ross bindings havent really changed, alot of new names but same bindings, Atomic seems to have gotten rid of Race-Race bindings and just has Race bindings,at least i couldnt buy any race-race and bought race 3.10 for my Atomic 9.20 ski's. Salomon is pretty much the same too if you like Salomon (can you tell i dont), not sure about others.
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With Salomon boots the difference between a whole and half size is the thickness of the "foot bed" that comes with the boot. The shell sizes are the same.
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I think Marker has done it again technolgically being in the forfront with the new "Piston" technology. I think this may also help solve the pre-releasing problems that they have been having.

Apparantly, the racing world has had this technology available to them for quite some time.

Someone with more insight and technical expertise may want to answer this one in more detail.

As to the Look Pivots, I beleive this is intended for twin tipped skis. It lets the same ski be a halfpipe/trick ski, or a backcountry/huckster by meerly rotating the binding 180 degrees.

So if you are skiing the Salomon 1080 or similiar skis, this binding may be in your future, otherwise I think it is of little use for the general public.<FONT size="1">

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As others have said, ski it and see if you like it. being 6mm back will change the characteristics of the ski, but maybe you'll like it. 6mm will be close on the holes, but you may be able to get away with only having the toe moved forward a bit. A good shop tech can answer this for you after they take the bindings off and reset the jig. Personally, I'm a bit anal about it as well and would see if it was possible to center it up.

As for the boot sizes, as lucky said, most of the big guys use same shell and liner for full and half sizes, the difference comes in the OEM footbed the company has in the boot. If you go with a custom or after market footbed, half and full sizes will fit the same. just my $.02
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