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Big toe problem - Falcon 10's

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I bought a pair of Salomon Falcon 10's at the end of last season. Put 5 hard days on them last March. Great boots, but significant pain on the outside tip of my left big toe (longer foot than the right) never went away. I ended up with a black-and-blue nail that grew out over the summer. I had the liner stretched a bit in the problem area, and a bootfitter scraped out the shell at the toe also. After five days out West in early Dec, I've got the same issue and the same black-and-blue toe.

The fit of these boots for me is otherwise excellent. This toe has been a problem in the past (although it is not abnormally long or oddly shaped); I've lost the nail a few times, and I had frostbite once (15 yrs ago). At one point in my skiing history, I was so frustrated that I just bought boots a size too large to accommodate that toe, and had them fitted to take up volume everywhere else. More than once, I've compromised on overall fit to protect that toe. Last year, I was seduced by the feeling of an accurate boot fit, and here we go again.

Do you think there is any hope of getting enough extra room in the shell for my problem toe (I think I may need as much as 3/8-1/2")?

My street shoes are size 12C. My foot is fairly narrow, with a low instep. The Salomons are a 28 shell. A shell fit shows I've got a little over 1/2" of room in length. I wear Surefoot custom footbeds that I have had for about 7 years.

Thanks for any comments.

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should be doable.

use REALLY thin socks
make sure the heel is back all the way (middle two buckles tight)
open the stitching on the end of the liner

see a boot fitter (again)
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May look at changing the Footbed and getting a different liner done or remould.
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Not saying your boot is too short but a 28 for a 12 is pushing it without work but it should be doable. Get the toe punched instead of ground and you can get some additional space.\

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Thanks for the suggestions. I already use an ultra-thin sock, but I will investigate a thinner footbed, and I'll get the toe blown out.

Thanks also to "Broad" for his PM. I tried to reply, but your in-box is filled to capacity.

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