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Big Thanks to JDoyal

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I went to see John this weekend for a new pair boots. It is so nice going some place that offers the level of knowledge and customer service that I received from him and the rest of the staff at Snowcrest. We got my new insoles made Friday night and spent most of yesterday working on a new set of Nordica Speedmachine 12's. It was worth the trip and I can't wait to get out to ski tomorrow. Oh yeah and real Chicago pizza is incredible as well.
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Thank you Camron for your time. We got lucky that saturday was a bit ont he slow side. I hope the drive home was OK for you. Let me know how the boots ski.
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I got out and skied for about 3 hours today. Between the new boots and the new Gotamas I am a pretty happy camper. I think with a little fine tuning in the buckles and some more ski time the boots will be the best I have had since my old foam injected Grand Prix RT's 12 years ago.
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