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Conveyor lifts and Snowboarders

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I am finalizing my capital improvements budget and submitting a proposal for 3 "magic carpet TM" type lifts. Incidently, there is a new player in the NA market from europe, Kaser Lift, which is aggressively marketing against Sunkid and MagicCarpet. Their conveyor is heated for inclement weather/snow removal.
Carpet range in width between 20" and 30". I am concerned about the width as we have 80% snowboarders and they tend to stand askew! The manufacturers indicate that they tend to regulate their stance with a free foot to the width...anybody have carpet experience with a lot of snowboarders? Any other issues I should know about? Thanks, Robin
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These conveyer type lifts are a great addition, especially for half pipe, and beginer terrain. Here at Breckenridge we utilize 5 such lifts. Four are dedicated for ski school and one for the half pipe. For pre school children it keeps the walking to a minimum so they get more mileage. Concerning the snowboard issue, it really is a non issue, have them remove their boards before riding. The heated feature that you mentioned intrigued me. Our carpets don't have this feature so after/during a snow they must be maintained to eliminate the snow buildup. Here in Colorado these lifts are inspected by the tramway board and are subject to their regulations. Good luck, they are well worth it.
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Thanks for the reply CDC! I have researched them and used them quite a bit myself...they are great...I just haven't seen them with the kind of SB volume we do. The only ANSI issue is if you use them for people moving. The heated units are slick...and they also come without the need for skirting etc.
I have always advocated their potential for pipes...but didn't know anyone was doing it yet in NA! How far back from the coping do you set them so you can groom?
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Does Breck really use a carpet for the pipe? When I was there (lst week in March), there wasn't anything that looked like a Magic Carpet near the pipe. I can see how a carpet would easily beat a handle tow. It's about the same speed, but a lot more relaxing to ride.
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We had a heap of boarders using our Carpet on the main bunny hill (Keystone). Some did the one-foot thing, the beginners took them off completely. Some little kids would one-foot onto the carpet, then click in when they were on it...they weren't meant to do that.
The only problem wiht one-footing was the metal edging on the conveyor belt. That's what fouled the boards, but it really wasn't a huge problem.

Heating would be great, as whenever we got a decent snowfall (very seldom this year) it mucked the whole thing up.

At one point, ours got very jerky, and they tried getting people to load with about 7 foot gap between them. The problem disappeared, I think they might have tightened the belt a bit.

These are great lifts for never-evers, they are non-threatening and simple. adults get really freaked by drag lifts, even rope tows.
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We are looking at 3 of them. One would be in excess of 260'. On a busy day we will teach over 1000 first-time boarders on about 4 acres. Just getting them out of the meeting place up to terrain in an expedient manner will be a blessing.
I am interested whether Jonathan's station teaching system at Breck used a series of carpets. If you were to go that route, carpets would seem the obvious choice for grooving movements at a particularly critical station.
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The carpet that was used for the pipe at Breck was moved when we started to build the super pipes. That carpet was off to the side of the pipe so that the cats could groom. As for our station teaching. This area is at the top of a 6 passenger detachable. The terrain we have to work with allows us to work in vertical fashion. In regards to our students, we shuttle their skis via snowmobile and have them ride the chair without skis.
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Make sure you run one backwards so they can have the fun of heelsliding down without messing up the snow.
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