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Utter fun

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I finally got to try one of these out, and now have resort accreditation to teach. I was buzzing around WP all day on Christmas Day. Of course, I had to take it into the terrain park too. It's great on jumps, rollers, and boxes. At one point we had a big posse on the hill.

As these are hand-made in Colorado, many of you will recognize the ski area that this video was shot at.

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I talked to the Owner and his son on Montuzuma bowl at Abasin last season. He got me interested. Unfortunately there was no place up in Summit county that rents them. There are some places that rent a similar device, but not as nice as this one.

Any idea if they are renting them anywhere this season?
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Funny you should ask. This is not meant to be promotion for any one resort or product. The Lenz video was shot at A-Basin.

Winter Park just got eight of them last week. I think we are the first to have them in the country. They are still working out the details and should have the package in the computer system real soon - they are booked at the Privates desk. As these bikes are super expensive, these will be part of a premium snowbiking package that includes rental, and a lesson. They won't be available for rental only. Our SSD is currently letting instructors take them out and get familiar with them. Bob did mention something along the line that "if we broke it while freeriding, we bought it". They are currently all locked up outside Bob's office if you wish to peruse them. WP also has the K2 Snowcycles, and Brenter Snowbikes. You can ride the K2's with snowboard boots were the Brenter's are best ridden with ski boots with the little skis attached. The Brenter's are pretty bouncy and don't have a great shock absorber like the Lenz and the K2's. They are also working out a certification system so they once you've taken a lesson and shown proficiency on the K2's and Brenter's, you will be issued a card and can come back later and rent them without a lesson.

Brenter does have a nice instructional video that shows how to turn them and how to get on and off the lift with them. Forget the basic skidded turn, go with the carved turns. Warning: there is really cheesy music soundtrack.
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