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Liberty Helix Review

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Conditions: 5 inches of fresh snow, followed by powder chop, and some groomers.

Me: 5'11", 175 lb, level 8 skier.

Skis: Liberty Helix Dim: 187 cm, 135-105-122. Wood core (Laminated Bamboo!)

Other Skis: Volkl Mantra, Dynastar 8K

Stability: No problem zooming over the chop. Just floated on top and no big deflections.

Edge-Hold: On soft groomers, it held a good edge and even carved pretty well for a ski this size. Hit some harder snow and did have the ski wash out a bit.

Forgiveness: Very fun ski in the soft snow. Very light and easy to throw around. Gives a nice surfy feel in the powder with no tip dive. Found myself in the backseat a couple of times in the chop, but no spanking by the ski.

Moguls: Soft bumps were fun due to the soft tip flex and the light weight of the ski, which made it very easy to pivot the ski.

Energy: A damp, predictable ski.

Conclusion: I have been skiing the Mantra for a couple of years. The plus for the Mantra is that it really has incredible grip for such a big ski. Of course the downside of that stiffness is that it suffers in soft snow. It's not a bad powder performer, but I found that if I wasn't going mach speed (for me) that I would get quite a bit of tip dive. In the crud, it's a good ski, since it just plows through the muck. Overall, I like the Mantra, but I missed having a softer ski for the powder and I found that if there was no fresh snow, the Legend 8K was the ski being pulled.
The Helix plays a lot different than the Mantra. As expected, it's a much better soft snow ski and much easier in the (soft) bumps. I really like the weight of the ski, as it's very easy to throw around. My only concern is wether the ski will hold it's edge on tight technical terrain, such as chutes. I guess I'll find out!
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