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Getting First Skis

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I am looking at getting my first set of skis, I am 18, 6 foot 1 and probably 200lbs. I started skiing when I was 5 but because I live in missouri there hadn't been a reason to buy skis/ just rent them. I was looking at some different brands of twin tip powder skis. I love skiing the bowls of big sky and I just started getting into some deep powder last year in Parkcity and Alta. I haven't skied extremely wide twin tips before and plan to demo some in vail in the next couple weeks. But I am posting to try and slim down my choices on what to demo. Without knowing much at all I would throw my top choice at K2 obsethed, rossi S7 or S6, and maybe the salomon rocker and again im pretty lost knowing what i should look for and how these skis actually ride. Thanks for the help.

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Do you just want a set of powder boards? or do you want to ski these all the time?
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The obsethed is a great ski, turns as easy as a snowblade and can lay tracks on groomers, it is my new everyday and deep day ski.
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need to ski everywhere but i wont mind if they dont do as well on the groomers as the powder
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