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Need more big toe room in Intuition Powerwrap

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I just spent a pretty painful first day in a new pair of these. Everything is good except the big toe on both sides. Extremely painful in the area of the big toes. Pressure is at 10:00 on the right and 2:00 on the left. Foot is all the way back in the heel pocket. Still have pressure even with middle buckle tight and when flexed foward. My boot guy and I have refitted the toes are a second time using a bit thicker sock and a more rigid (hard rubber) toe cap. Just did not give me enough length.
Details - Krypton Pro 26.5 shell
Me: 10 med shoe; shell fit about 1.5 fingers. Fit is fine with the stock liner, so no shell issue.
Liner: Powerwrap in size 8
I am thinking that the liner may just be too short for my foot - would be -2 from my street size. It is tight in the same places even when I put it on outside the boot. The Intuition is slightly shorter than the stock liner which has a thin "expandable" neoprene toe box, while the Intuition liner is unyielding. Hate to give up on this liner. For the runs I could tolerate, it was a superior fit and performer.
So is there a way of blowing out just the big toe area - maybe 1/4-3/8"? I am not inclined to do another heat fitting. The last, with the extra mass in the toe area was torture and worse, unsuccessful. If need be, I would trade out this one for a size 9. How much longer would than be than the 8? And would it fit the shell? Other than the toe, the fit is great. Would not want to get into too big a liner. I am used to a plug fit (ie: Tecnica XT-17 with Dobie liner). What about the new Intuition plug liner in the same size?
Appreciate all your help.
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spot heat that area and stretch just that part out with a broom handle.

also just wearing liner only around the house, or after you spot heat might help too
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Appreciate the suggestion. Can I get that spot malleable enough with a hair dryer, or should I bring it back to my boot guy who has fancier tools.
Much obliged.
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for the sake of a few $ i would take them to your boot fitter, he has helped you out so far, let him try to sort this last little bit out. most of the pros will use a heat gun to spot heat the liner, a hair dryer will take a long time to heat the liner and even then not get enough heat...... the fitter, will have experience in using a heat gun to heat a liner and is much less likely to do damage to the liner than the DIY method

when he gets it right [and i am sure he will] and i am pretty sure he will not charge you [assuming you bought the boots from him] then take him a six pack

good luck
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CEM, appreciate the response. Given the needed heat application to form the liners initially, I rather thought that a hair dryer would not suffice. Off to the fitter it is.
Happy trails.
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