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state of mind spectrum

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The other morning, patrol opened only one part of the mountain, due to AC everywhere else. It was an area most people ski very seldom. The mountain looked amazing, but it was not nearly as fat as it looked. Skiers ripped into their lines with elation and abandon, pure enthusiasm and intense energy. But it isn't that kind of slope. It is a tricky, complex, dangerous, deceptive hill. Just saying, some lines demand your sober respect and a measure of seriousness and thoughtful contemplation. That is a state of mind, along with joyous ripping, that makes skiing real. I know you all know it, but just saying...and still, even dialed to the danger, stuff can and will happen.
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Thanks for the sobering reminder. It only takes a split second to change everything.
Most days, we spend yelling "whooo hooo" without a thought of how that can turn in to "oh Shit"
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