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Worth of one lesson...

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Today, I took my friend skiing. She said she wanted a lesson, after not skiing for 2 years due to an ACL tear and subsequent surgery. Scared shitless, she was, and rightly so.

She paid $40 for a one hour private lesson.

What she got was confidence, peace of mind, knowledge, and most importantly, she was skiing IN CONTROL.

While I toodled around having fun, she was building the basic tools for having fun again. The progress was incredible. After her lesson was over, we skied together, and it was like night and day compared to the last time we went.

At dinner and drinks after, she said she had FUN, was no longer afraid, and already looking forward to going again. I just want to say thanks to Ron at Chestnut, as it's good to have my friend enjoying skiing again. (She tipped him an extra $10 too.)

I need to follow her advice (and get a better paying job!)
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& my advice & start to use the disabled skiing people in your area....

OK guys - who is close to Bonnie?
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That is great, Bonni! Sounds like your friend certainly got her money's worth, and then some. I tip my hat to Ron also--great results from such a short lesson!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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