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Ski Choice

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I ‘m down to three choices for skis and all are last year’s models 08’s. Atomic Bluemoon, Dynastar 8000 or Dynastar Contact 10. I live on Southern California and ski a lot at night. I’m leaning towards the Contact 10’s. Any suggestions?
Thank You for your input
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these are three VERY different skis. Are you buying based on "whats available cheap" or "what fits my skiing"?

Your skiing style, level, experience, and personal preference will make most of the difference in what works for you. Based on your "skiing a lot at night" note though, I'd wager the Contact 10s or Blue Moons are probably more up your ally as a groomer ski... but they're quite different in terms of stiffness.

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Newbie question...

If i go into a shop, will they have skis available to rent/demo? Or do i have to wait around till a manufacturer or shop is demoing at a ski resort? (None happening that I know of) I really want to buy skis and haven't demoed anything!
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Call around. Many shops near ski areas will demo for $35-50 a day. Most that I've denied from will let you apply 2-3 demo fees towards a ski purchase too.

Male sure to call ahead though- even ships that do demo might not demo the ski you want, or might not be demoing due to low snow.

There are also demo days at resorts that are usually free, but harder to find am occasionally only 1-2 companies. Theyvalso generally only let you take 1-2 runs with the skis unless it's a slow day.
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