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Highback Tweaking

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Ah ... new gear!

When I had my old Rossi stepins (cough), tweaking the higbacks so that they were cocked forward versus being centered (e.g. one bolt on hole 2, the other side on hole 3 vs both bolts on the same hole) made for a really cool fit. But I've been too lazy with my last couple of bindings to bother. Now I'm trying out the new Burton EST/Channel thingy and the instructions talk about tweaking the highback so I thought I'd go back and revisit this. Worth it or not?
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binder high backs

I used to have the old Emery (O-sin version) step-in system too, which wasn't the most adjustable binding in history. I think at my Level II prep ('98?) I was coached to rotate my highbacks parallel with the heel edge, made the change that day and have ridden that way ever since.

with an old pair of burton step-ins, i used to use this attachment called a 'wing' or something that extended the top of the highback so i could apply leverage throughout the complete range of fore movement over the board. i rigged a few normal binders w/ the same wings for a few years after. i really liked that feel and control.

i like the way new burton binders are angled to follow the anatomy of the legs, but wish i still had some extra stuff at the top that mimicked the 'wing' action.

rotating the binders is an automatic deal now whenever i get new ones or play around with the angle split of my current set up.

do know that the more rotated the high back (due to higher angles) the less forward lean one needs (at least on burton binders) compared to 'normal'.

sorry for the long answer to a short question - yes, it's definitely worth it.


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