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Clinic [camp] at the Bears Utah gathering

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What is/are the exact date(s) and place(s) of the clinic in Utah? Where and when shall we mediocre ones [and others] seeking ski enlightenment show up to receive instruction? Is there a fee, and if so how much? How will this work, in general? I am very much looking forward to working with one or more of you in the hope that someday I will be better than just average on skis.
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I can hold a clinic on incendiary posting that frequently is interpreted as the poster's heartfelt feelings and opinion.

out-of-body experiences
strange references
play acting
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New record: shortest thread before 'jack.

Oboe, my understanding is the clinic begins the 26th or 27th - nothing settled yet (that i'm aware of) - and ends the 29th, with the freeski gathering the 30th thru the remainder of folks' stay. Have not heard about costs. Prob'ly buried in the meet-on-hill utah threads. I'm assuming at Alta/Snowbird, though if this is not the case I won't mind, as I'll be in Park City. My take is that details are still up in the air.

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Somehow I had thought that the clinic was to be at Solitude with the gathering being at Alta 'Bird. Who's in charge of the clinic?
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I believe the "academy" is at Solitude followed by the gathering at Snowbird/Alta. I talked to the owner of the the Silver Fork Lodge (1 mile from Solitude in Big Cottonwood Canyon) and he has said that he will work with anyone contacting him about staying there during the week of the academy and gathering.

I will bring up the original thread with the academy info and continue there.
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I think it would be helpful to put up a poll on what things people would like to focus on. I suggest clinics on Carving, Short Turns, Moguls (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), Off Piste & Steeps and Other (Dealing with Fear, Off Snow Clinics). Include a deadline of August 15, and develop and publish a proposed syllabus from the results. Ask for comments on the proposal (including naming names of preferred instructors)and publish a final proposal by September 15. You will need to have those deadlines to get this moving. I could put up the poll and collate the results if people agree on this approach.

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Go for it, John! I have already expressed my vote for Director of Curriculum and Instruction: Either nolo/Barnes or Barnes/nolo. For instruction, I'll do best with a person who understands that I learn by "feel" but does not thrive on chastisement. I's like to do better at everything, but mostly at bumps and glades, short turns and speed control. But put up the poll, both for Director and cuuriculum, and I'll be ready to vote and will encourage others to do the same. THIS IS MY BREAK-THROUGH YEAR! I JUST KNOW IT!!!!
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Hi everyone--thanks, Si, for all the effort you've put into this.

It's time we move into the next planning phase of this potentially great camp, and nail down a few of the harder details. Specifically, what will be the exact format of the camp, and which instructors will lead which groups? This is a somewhat sensitive area, with all of the willing and talented instructors of EpicSki (and remember--none of us has an ego ). And it is the area that we pros really can't get involved in, in the interest of making this YOUR camp. Please read my post of today (August 2) on page two of the thread "Bears Ski Camp".

I perceive a slight, temporary impasse that we must now overcome. Many pros, myself included, have announced that we are ready, willing, and eager to participate, as leaders, participants, or in any other way we can help. But we're rightly reluctant to step on each others' toes--or to presume a leadership role and thus destroy the unique "self-direction" that distinguishes this camp. And, I suspect, many of you who would like to attend may feel reluctant to ASK any of us in particular to ski with you, or to take that leadership role. Please consider this a gentle nudge, and a reminder that this stage is really up to YOU, not to the pros. We'll do whatever you ask, but YOU must direct us to the next step!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Any freeheelers gonna show up? Pinhed, AC, Pierre... anyone else?

I'd love to hear Pierre eh's? teaching on short reach tele turns and also his ideas on moguls.
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I think I can speak for PinHed - he'll be there.
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I hadn't thought of teaching tele but I could do that.
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Perhaps a wedge christie clinic would be a big crowd pleaser.
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A wedge christie clinic is a good idea. I've been to race camps that offer low-level clinics along with the race clinics. The low level clinics sometimes sometimes attract a better class of people who definitely improve after-ski activities. Wedge christie skiers also tend to listen more uncritically to my reports of my descriptions of my excellent technique.
earlier I offered to to poll on what clinics people were interested in. I was thinking Carving, Short Turns, Moguls, Steeps/Off Piste would about cover intermediate to Expert levels. I would copy course descriptions from last year's PSIA-RM course list. I would also add a question about interest in lower level courses, or even adaptive clinics.
I will still do that but only if Bob B and Nolo and some other instructors support it. I think we need to put some deadlines into this to get it organised before it's too late for people to make travel committments.
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You definitely have my support, John. The more we can learn about what the participants want, and how they envision their ideal ski camp, the better we can tailor the program.

Also, remember that the more participants we have, the more diverse special interest groups we can develop. So tell all your friends, everyone! If you've ever wanted to attend a ski camp, but weren't sure it would be what you want, or if you've NEVER attended a camp because you couldn't find one that suited you, this is a prime opportunity!

There is no reason we can't accomodate lower level groups too, if there is interest. In fact, it would be great to have a first-time group--just imagine being introduced and brought up in the sport by the EpicSki family! Wouldn't THAT give us something to talk about.... And finally, we can stop arguing about PSIA, PMTS, and everything, and discuss SKIING--the EpicSki way!

Just a thought for everyone to consider (and veto, if you like)--it seems to me that, regardless of the special interests (carving, bumps, off-piste, beginner, racing, etc.), there should be an underlying, consistent "EpicSki signature" theme, a "common thread" that runs throughout, and that gives us all some common ground and shared experience. Since the same fundamentals form the foundation for any special interest, and any level, I would suggest that some attention be paid to these fundamentals, in every group. (It would be anyway, of course, with any top instructor, but I'd like to see the coaches get together beforehand to play with some themes.)

One of the biggest strengths of the Mahre Training Center camps was that, regardless of group level, coach, or special interest, each group did explore some common fundamental themes, on roughly the same time frame. This made for some great evening discussions, as friends and spouses who had skied with separate groups could talk about similar experiences. And evening lectures by Phil and Steve and the coaches made sense to everyone. At the end of the camp, although each group had enjoyed a unique experience tailored to their level and interest, there was also a feeling of comraderie and excitement that arises from having shared a common, but unique to the camp, experience.

And a question, perhaps best addressed to Lisamarie--do you think it would make sense to offer some special fitness classes OFF snow--maybe in the evenings, and perhaps a warmup/stretching session for those interested in the mornings? I envision a number of evening options--boot fitting/alignment, tuning, lectures on technique, nutrition, psychology, or whatever, or even slide shows/movies. I am probably thinking a little too big for a three-four day camp, especially at first, but these are options to consider, and there's no harm in thinking about long-term options as well.
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I hope that some of you (perhaps especially the instructors) will contact Dan at the Silver Fork Lodge. His banquet room would be a great resource for the off-slope discussions, talks, etc. people are thinking about. I think he would be very amenable (much more than Solitude was) to give a sizeable group discount given the timing in late January.
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Wow, I'm flattered to be mentioned in the same sentence with Bob. I love the idea of a theme and I would nominate economy. It's topical on many levels: efficiency, conservation of effort, intent=outcome, the essence of all art...and the need for all of us to hold down the costs so many may attend this "august" gathering.

By the way, I asked Mermer Blakeslee if she would be able to come, but she is booked on those dates.
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I would definitley do some fitness workshops if there's an interest! We would need to check with the hotel to see if we could get some indoor space. If folks are interested, let me know some specifics as to what you'd like. There are things that can be done withminimal or no equipment, but if you have a stability ball and are curious as to how to use it, you can bring it along deflated, and I can bring along a small "pump".
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Juan Pierre,

Stick to teaching skiing. You still have a lot of work to do there.

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Stick to teaching skiing. You still have a lot of work to do there.
Keep it up, keep it up boy and we'll have a discussion on you're skiin. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by Pierre eh!:
I hadn't thought of teaching tele...
Well, no worries here, after all it is your vacation.

What about freeskiing? Are you gonna bring those 10ex/Linkens? I'm sure that they would really love the 'Bird.
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woo hoo this is stackin' up to be a GREAT trip. glad to hear that PierreEh!, nolo and Bob_B will be there.

oboe, I agree - this is a breakthrough year upcoming. I'm expecting to bust another pseudo-glass ceiling myself.

is anyone working on an equipment demo and/or alignment component to this Gathering/Clinic?
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OK, given the discussion of being "welcome" at a mountain for the Bear's camp.... I don't think anyone has really formally asked/informed Solitude of our plans to hold one. One of the instructors (forget who) offered to contact Leif (ski school director) about this. Are you still around? Alternatively, I am there next week and to see Leif and other Solitude "administrators." Shall I try to see if I can garner official support for our informal camps?
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Si, I asked that question on anothe thread. I would suggest we stick to one area for the clinic and YES! By all means, let's get legit with Solitude high muckamucks.
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