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Kid gloves or mittens...

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My 7 year old just recently started to get cold hands quite quickly each time out. When he was six no problems. He has a pair of Kombi gloves. Not sure of the model but I know they got to be pretty close if not the top of the line for a youth glove. Going to try putting hand warmers in them next time out and also going to have put on a pair of simple cotton strech gloves inside of his Kombi. He has some mittens that seem to work a little longer but like many kids he doesn't seem to really like mittens to much.

Anyone have any good recommendations for a youth glove or mitten?? His feet never get cold no matter what. That was my issue when I was young.
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I've never found any gloves that stay dry all day for me, even the most expensive Marmots and others. You might try two or even three pair of medium quality gloves for him, and switch as soon as they get damp.

Also consider non-absorbent glove liners. Not cotton, but a synthetic material...thin fleece or whatever you can find. Of course, you don't want to cram too much inside the gloves. Blood circulation is the source of warmth, so keep things reasonably roomy. Mittens are best, but they're an aggravation. Maybe mittens with the right water-resistant liners?
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My kids use REI gloves and mittens. My daughter has the mittens and has a tendency to get cold, but I never heard from her last season after getting the mittens. Son wears the glove version. Waterproof, warm, straps, and large cuffs to keep snow out.

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My 7 yo son has a pair of black Drop gloves I picked up at Marshalls or TJ Maxx that he has used for two past seasons and is still using this year. In addition to durability, they have the best fit for small hands so I give 'em 5 stars. Unfortunately, I have never seen the gloves he has for sale again.

He also has some Scott gloves I purchased from Level 9 Sports that he has been wearing this season. They're a bit long and wide in the fingers, so I give 'em 4 stars.

Both pairs of gloves (Drop and Scott) appear to keep his hands sufficiently warm; he doesn't complain that his hands are cold. We also have Kombi or Gordoe (forget which brand) mittens for very cold days, but he has never asked for them.

We always bring at least two pairs of gloves to the mountain. If he gets the first pair wet (digging in the snow, making snowballs, snowmen, whatever), we change 'em ASAP.

Good luck,

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Hestra makes kids gloves and they are reasonably priced relative to there adult gloves. Finding them is the problem.

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Try a snowboard shop. 686 seems to make some good kid's stuff.
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