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Fischer RX8 FTi Railflex

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I was wondering if anybody out there has had any experience with this new Fischer, other than the usual magazine reviews and Peter Keelty's site. I'm feeling the need to expand my quiver, and this one has caught my eye. Would like to hear from someone that has actually skied them, as I have no experience with Fischer to relate to. Is this just a rehash of the Sceneo series with a different binding setup, or is this a new ski altogether? P.K. classifies this as a "cross" style ski on his site, which usually appeal to me. Thanks in advance.
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Rusty Guy has written about the Fischer RX8 either in this or the consumer gear review forum or both. He is a Fischer Rep. If you do a search you can find what he has to say about them.
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Thanks for the lead, Lostboy, got some good info from the previous posts. One thing I was concerned about that I read in some of the reviews is that the RX8 was not real great in moguls or short turns, and probably not very good in trees, which would not be ideal for me. However, I learned a long time ago not to believe everything you read. Rusty Guy seemed to indicate in his posts that the new RX8 was actually a tighter turning ski than the previous Sceneo series, and I would tend to value his opinion more than the ski mags. I was hoping to hear from someone who has actually skied them in moguls, but there probably isn't that many people out there that have had any experience with them yet. I read that the RX6 is a better ski for moguls, but I kind of get the idea from reading in between the lines that there is a considerable dropoff in performance from the 8 to the 6.
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Well... not exactly. It depends on what you mean by performance.

From what I remember, the RX8 has an additional layer of metal in it compared to the RX6, as well as having a more aggressive shape. The 8 is going to be more demanding than the 6, less forgiving of errors. It is largely similar to a slalom ski. Personally I think the 6 is the ski for 75% of the people interested in the RX series, with 20% on the 4 and 5% on the 8. While anyone who can ski the 6 can ski the 8, I think it will do more for the average skier to be on the 6.

If you really want a rippin ski, go with the RX8. It skis awesome, I really enjoyed it. I can't sell you against our marquee ski...
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The RX8 is not anything like a slalom ski. Perhaps more akin to a GS ski. I suppose you could ski it long or short and have it mimic one or the other. It has a 14m radius at 170cm.

It is very, very similar in terms of how it ski to the Sceneo 500. I'm not sure whether I could tell a great deal of difference. It is designed to have a slightly tighter turning radius.

I got a pair of the RX8's in early March of last year. I probably spent six days on it. I took my kid to Alta and Snowbird and it was great for those spots. It's a very good ski. It certainly is not merely a rehash of the Sceneo for several reasons. It is a different shape and the Sceneo series still exists, although, the 500 is not coming to the US.

I'm 5'10", 180 lbs., and ski the RX8 in a 170. I would not suggest it if you want it for short turns. A car analogy would be an Porsche, an E class Mercedes, and an S class Mercedes. The RX8 is not the S class full sized sedan, however, it's close. It certainly knows no speed limit. The WC SC is the short turn machine. The RX8 is very good on groomed or hard snow. I honestly have not skied it much in powder, busted up powder,crud, or bumps. Keep in mind at 66mm under foot it's a very narrow waisted ski in comparison to most all mountain products. I would want a wood core ski with no metal if I was going to spend much time in bumps.

The 8 is a combo of air carbon/Ti. The 6 is a wood core ski. T J Larson is the local Fischer guy, a very strong skier, built like a linebacker (6'4", 220 lbs.), and has said the 6 skis well. He has always been right on the money with his assesments.

I think a good two ski combo is the WC SC in a 160 and the 8 in a 170. If I was going to own one ski I think I'd do a WC RC in a 170 which would essentially split the difference in terms of turn radius between the two.

I've never owned a WC RC or skied it. I plan to buy it sight unseen this year.

[ September 11, 2003, 06:34 AM: Message edited by: Rusty Guy ]
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Just purchased a pair of RX8 FTI this past Friday. I knew nothing of the ski, but I know the dealer that sold them to me. I like to ski hard on groomed or powder. This past weekend we received 12" of snow between Saturday afternoon and Sunday AM. I skied both days on groomed pack Saturday and Sunday was mostly ungroomed. I can tell you that this ski will hold a turn for as long and as hard as you can push it. It is very predictable, but unforgiving we you don't hold a proper stance when skiing. Part of my day on Saturday was giving lesson to skiers on short and long radius turns. I can tell you that this ski will do both very well. Short radius turns are quick and responsive and the ski pushes out swiftly as you exit each turn.
Sunday was a day for skiing powder and junk along the sides of the trails. This is where this ski surprised me. I found it to be responsive even in boot high powder, turns were easy and I found that the ski did not have to be pushed as much. There were very few bumps this weekend so I was not able to try them in a good mogul run, although I suspect that it will a stiff ski to ride in moguls all day.
My skis are 165. I am 5’-10”, weight 180# 30 years skiing. I am an instructor and ski patroller in the Eastern Townships area.
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I found the RX8 to be not as versatile as some other "cross" skis that I have tested (talking bumps, crud and pow here). For what it is really designed to do-ripping on the groomers, it is fantastic. It is passable in 3-D type conditions, but I personally find the Elan S12 Fusion and Volkl 5-star to be better off the groomers. The RX8 is just like most cross/carving/detuned race skis-they really want to run and are super-stable at speed.

I enjoy the Fischer RX6 more in variable conditons-much more manageable in the bumps, and a better ski in deeper snow. But, stay away from the RX6 if you want a ski that handles rough terrain carving at speed-that ski doesn't like to be driven too hard.
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