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ski trip AK to NY

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Looking for help on making a plan to ski resorts from Alaska to New York with an efficient driving route. Does any one have a website that would allow to input ski resort destinations? Any input on a route? Thanks, Tom.
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Well... seems like you'll be coming through Edmonton, so Banff (Sunshine, Lake Louise) will likely be on your route. I'd also recommend Big Sky. Possibly Jackson too, but the shortest route will likely take I-90.
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I'd say your best bet is google maps, it won't tell you what resorts are on the way specifically but once you figure out all the ones you want to hit you can add them as stops in between the first and last (and it will give you one continuous set of directions)
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Thanks for the ideas I will be doing this most likely in March. Any must ski on the way resorts? Any locals up for a meet-up to ski? My level is probably 8 out of 10. Thanks, Tom
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