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Be safe in UT!

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Looks like it's extremely dangerous with more fatalities out there and reports of slides on Wasatch Blvd! Has anyone seen anything like this before?

Stay safe folks, and dare I say it - maybe hold off and stay in next few days....

On a side note, we've received two reports of fresh wind slabs that released as avalanches at very low elevations. One report came from Wasatch Boulevard and one came from the junction of SR248 and US 40 in Summit County. I have numerous photos to post in the next few hours.
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It's still coming down heavily. The avalanche by Hwy 40 is bizarre- that's the Heber exit out of Park City- low angle foothills and sheep pasture. The ski patrol at PCMR has been pretty unhappy about the base layers. It 's going to be unbelievable, whatever's open.
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The Avy coniditon in N. Ut are reorted as high in every zone today. Big slide on Logan peak yesterday, killed two snowmobilers.
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I think it's the day to be over in Park City. Interlodge and canyon road closed

67 in the last week at Deer Valley - this is like the week we had last January. You hope you can get in and enjoy it! Then again with the rain crust and weak facets you hope they open the resort ....

The pics of this Logan slide are absolutely amazing for the sheer size


The other freak out picture is the one at Dutch Draw because in my mind I remember skiing at that spot.


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