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Dish Restaurant - Edwards CO

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My favorite restaurant, Dish, is located in the Vail valley. My Christmas Eve plan originally involved family and a different restaurant but due to health issues my family decided to stay in Boulder so I'm up her by myself. Don't be sad for me though. I'm skiing Vail (trip report on skiing to follow over the next couple of days) and I got to eat at Dish tonight. My love affair with this restaurant started 1.5 years ago when I went with my mom to celebrate my 30th and her 55th birthdays. We loved it from the start and felt right at home the moment we walked in the door. Since then I've done what I can to sing it's praises and sent many people in to enjoy.

So, 2 days ago I had an inkling that this might happen so I called to see what reservations looked like for tonight. I was told there was a little space left and when I said my name and that I'd let them know the following day I was told "Robyn, there's always room for you at the kitchen bar." which is my favorite seat. In fact, I only sit elsewhere when the party of eaters I'm with is just too big for the bar. When I called back yesterday to make my reservation, Jenna, the most fabulous chef ever answered and we plotted my reservation time so that she would have the most chance to chat with me. I'm not sure why we do this because I always end up there all night. :laugh:

This afternoon I stopped by with a couple of six packs of holiday microbrews for everyone there to enjoy.

I arrived at 6pm tonight to an already hopping restaurant which is quite abnormal for this place so I was happy to see it. All in all it was a fabulous night with very special friends and I can't imagine the night could have been better.

The first course is always an amuse bouche of parmesan truffle popcorn and then The Original (serrano ham, manchego cheese, sherry).

Next up was the soup. Organic white miso soup, local tofu and five seaweed blend.

Delicata squash. Crispy tempura, chinese five spice with saffron aioli.

Torn herb salad with rocket, sage and black pepper vinaigrette with midnight moon chevre.

Sweet potato gnocchi, artisan mountain gorgonzola and candied pecans.

House cured pork jowl with honey gelee. This is only served to very special people and not on the menu. OMG! I think I died and went to heaven with this. Imagine the best bacon you've ever ever had and multiply that times a thousand. When they asked if I liked it my response was "Holy crap!".

Spoon bill paddlefish caviar on creme fraice.

More to come...
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Hudson Valley foie gras, pear cranberry butter and toasted brioche.

Veal scaloppini, parmesan crusted with lemon zest, caper buerre blanc and black eyed peas.

Turbo fish with mascarpone polenta and broth.

Somehow I missed pictures of dessert which were 3 more courses. Vanilla bean semi freddo, bruleed banana, and warm chocolate ganache. Then came the mole cake with rum toffee sauce and finally the Coconut blondie with vanilla bean chantilly cream.

Finally, here's me with the brilliant chef. At 10:15. It was a long but fabulous dinner that I wouldn't trade for the world. :love::love::love:
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Sure beats my overpriced prime rib last night. That's a worthy Christmas feast.
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You so rock, and you actually just saved my career. I'm doing a guidebook on Breck, but the publisher wanted some side trips to the Vail Valley. Given that I rarely eat there, I was truly stuck for some Vail area restaurants. With six days for my deadline, you just saved my contract! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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I love that place. Gotta go back. Maybe next week. Mmmmmm.
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WOW. We'll meet you there for dinner when we are in town in January. I'll have little Ms. RR wash dishes to pay for it
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That hog jowl has got my mouth watering and just stuffed myself
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