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Driving to Telluride in a 28 foot motorhome

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We are thinking about driving to Telluride in our 28 foot class A. We would choose a time when the roads should be clear say 2 + days after a fall. Our route would be Cortez Dolores Rico Telluride.

I have driven this road in summer without any problems but am not sure how good the snow clearing will be. I have driven into other ski resorts in our class A

What do you think? Will it be OK?
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As someone who has spent many an excursions stuck behind RVs on winding mountain roads or just driving to town, I'd say it'll never be OK.

Where are you planning on parking your rig? With winter snows and removal/storage issues there are further reduced road widths, maneuvering and parking limitations in an already 'tight' town.

To answer your question:
After storms, the roads can be partly to mostly clear in a day or two, especially with sun shine. Later in the year, more sun equates to clearer roads sooner. Places like the narrows between Matterhorn and Ophir rarely clear entirely until late since sun doesn't hit the road due to the continual shade from the southern cliffs or trees. You should plan on the possibility of having to deal with at least some slick surface sections, but for the most part, a cruise.
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I totally agree with Everything Alpinord said. CDOT crews do a heroic job clearing the roads and commercial trucks make the run in all kinds of weather. But I have been stuck a couple of times behind larger vehicles which slid and blocked the road.
No campgrounds are open in the winter. Unless you already have a place to park, I don't have a clue where you could. Snow is already piling up in town. Good luck.
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Telluride isn't the easiest place to get to in a big rv
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I used to live in Rico and ski Telluride, so I know Lizard Head Pass and it is one of the easiest and most often driveable with an RV in the winter, but the real problem is that once you get to Telluride there is probably no place to park. Try the first right turn at the roundabout entering town, go to the end and take a right into the parking lot. They used to allow overnight parking, but if not anymore I think you may have a real problem.
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Thanks for the help on this. The resort tells me that we should park in the mountain village and visit the town by gondola.
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If you've got a place to park that could work. The gondola is free, takes you right to the heart of town from the mt. village, and runs untlil midnight. There is also a good grocery store in the mt. village. You can ski from town or the village. The town has become a real hassle for overnight parking, and almost impossible for a big RV.
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