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   Snow White & Lake chutes (Crazy Ivan especially)

   Whales Tail to Art's Bowl or Y chutes

   E chair & The Windows



   Palli chair trees


Jackson Hole:  

   Laramie Bowl & Alta chutes 

   Dicks Ditch when I'm with the kids



   Peruvian Ridge Cirques

   Regulator Johnson when I'm with the kids


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1.  Shadows/Closet- Steamboat

2.  Supreme liftline- Alta

3.  Morningside- Steamboat

4.  Mineral Basin- Snowbird

5.  Devils Castle- Alta

6.  Cirque- Snowbird

7.  Ontario Bowl- Deer Valley

8.  Sawbuck/Hard Coin- Brighton

9.  Millicent- Brighton

10.  Tycoon- Deer Valley


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Originally Posted by HudsonHacker View Post


Haven't skied out west, but for me....

La 42 at Le Massif


Did you ever ski it before the most recent expansion? It was absolutely epic back then. It took ten minutes to walk in (and out) and it was just a relentless assault of steep, demanding moguls for 2,500 vertical feet. Because it was harder to get to, the snow held up better as well. It's been tamed slightly now that you can bail out but it's still the best run in the east.

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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post


MRG: Catamount Bowl to Catamount to Lynx to Beaver.

I will add...


Okemo: Supernova

Steamboat: Skiers left off of the Pony lift

JH: Tower Three Chute

JH: Moran's Woods

Breck: Devils Crotch (just for the name)


Will add more as they come to mind. Many western areas, there is ton's that I have skied and enjoyed, just don't know the names of the runs. 


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I ski mostly in Oregon, so...


* Outback Bowls @ Mt. Hood Ski Bowl

* Summit Backside @ Mt. Bachelor

* Heather Canyon @ Mt. Hood Meadows


From June to November...

* Palmer @ Timberline Lodge (Mt. Hood)

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