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In the beginning--there was Ott?

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Here's something I came across while trying to find some information about Mathias Zdarsky, arguably the "father of alpine skiing," and the world's first ski instructor:

See that one person all alone in the background? Here's the caption, as Google translated it from the original German:

"This poster shows Mathias Zdarsky with one of [his] mass ski courses in [Lilienfeld, Austria]. In the background that is to be seen Oet."

Is that really you, Ott?

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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Well, Bob, if memory serves me, in the beginning my class sizes was about what is shown in the picture .

But I don't recall my students moving in such unision. I forget when they introduced the second pole making kayak paddle movements uneccessary.

Where did you dig that one up? It's a classic.

.....Ott (Oet?)
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Here's the web page, Ott:

Mathias Zdarsky original web page, in German

I read an automatic translation by the Google web search engine--in barely discipherable "English." I'd be interested in your impressions of the real site.

Here's what looks like another interesting ski history site. Unfortunately for me, the translation engine doesn't even TRY to translate this one. What do you think of it?

What is the literal translation of "Skilauf"?

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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I have another question, Ott. If I wanted to use some of these old photographs (and others) in my book, legally, how would I go about finding who owns the rights?

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Bob, I e-mailed the web site in Vienna asking where to go to get permission to use that poster or other pictures on their site in your book.

I did give them your e-mail too in case they want to answer you directly, I'm sure they speak english. If not, they'll probably answer me.

That second site, by Werner W├Ârndle, who is now in St.Christoph at the austrian national ski academy is so prolific that you would have to pick and choose what you want to have translated.

Or I could translate it for you, if you tell me in which sections you are interested.

SKILAUF, simply means skiing. Depending in which region it is used it can be translated as >ski walking< or >ski running<.

The prevelant translation in use for skiing is >Skifahren< or >Schifahren< which would translate as >ski driving< or >ski riding<.

>Ski< is correct high german while >Schi<, pronouced >shee<, is moutain-speak in Bavaria and Austria.

In german, >fahren< means both driving a conveyance or riding in it.

Ski racing in german is >Skirennen< , rennen means running but is used to denote a running agaist the clock or competition, ergo racing.

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Wow--thanks Ott! I guess that would explain why the auto-translation software comes up with the expression "ski-driver" so often.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Ott--did you e-mail both sites?

That second site links to some great illustrations, and has what looks like interesting, if brief, little biographies of such influential skiing legends as Krukenhauser, Hoppichler, Seelos, and others. I have my own photographs of the late Franz Hoppichler, from the Bundesportheim in St. Christoph. Unfortunately, they were taken at a big Austrian-style party (read--"lots of beer") on our last evening there--and every photograph of "the Professor" shows him with a napkin on his head! While perhaps revealing, I'm not sure that those would do him justice! (I'm not sure they're very sharply focused on my part either....) :

I'm also intrigued by the following illustration from that site, depicting the "Christiania Parallele." It surprised me in its similarity to the ones I'm working on myself, and that I recently posted in another thread:

Thanks again for your help, Ott. Your wisdom and resourcefullness are invaluable. I wish I could sit down with you again at some point and just talk skiing....

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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Bob, there wasn't an e-mail address for anyone administering the section on Alpiner Skilauf but I e-mailed the creators of the web site, CREATIVE MEDIA cminfo@creative.co.at asking about the pictures and if they were in the public domain and if not where permission could be obtained...they also have your e-mail address so they can get back to you directly and if they do would you let me know?


edit: did you notice that the notations on that graphic were in french? Here is what it said about that:

TONI DUCIA AND HARALD REINDL were two Austrian ski instructors teaching at the Ski Club of Paris and denounced the >rotation for direction changes< from a sports standpoint as taking too much time and bringing the racer in a bad exit position for starting the next turn.

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