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Holiday Valley on New Years

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Will be at Holiday Valley for New Years. Maybe at Bristol Mountain on the 3rd of January?
Anyone have info on Bristol Mountain?
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What do you want to know about Bristol?

I go there a few days each season. Was there Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday this week. Conditions very good, I thought.

All trails were open except for Quantum Leap (no snowmaking, I understand, and open only rarely).
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I'll be glad to give Bristol info also-it's my home hill. They've done a great job of snowmaking this year and as mentioned in the last post, it's all open (for now-we'll see how the warmup scheduled for Saturday hurts things!)

No big surprises there and unless you're a beginner or lower intermediate you won't find anything that will scare you........but with the HSQ you can get in lots of vertical. If you're there on a Saturday, use the singles line-it's a lot faster.

BTW, Quantum Leap requires a good dump to be open and gets skied off very fast! There's plenty of regulars who've never skied it. It's acutally no big deal other than the novelty and the very unlike Bristol feel to it.
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