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Tahoe advice

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I heard yesterday that the Tahoe area has gotten A LOT of snow and it's not even all that crowded considering it's break time. It won't be easy but I got the itch so I'm planning on driving up from SF on Friday for a 1-day taste. It'll be me and my 10-year-old son boarding intermediates. It's a big mountain and I've only been to a few resorts: very happy with Northstar, Sugerbowl was OK, did not like Heavenly (no fun repeatedly unclipping and carrying board to next lift w/ kid in tow!). Based on the above, any Tahoe mavens out there want to tell me where they think we'd have the best conditions (quality/quantity of snow, # of intermediate runs open, lift lines, and preferably less drive time)? Thanks and Merry Xmas to all!!
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I expect all of the Tahoe areas to be crowded with day trippers on the 26th. Typically, the holiday crowd does not fully arrive until the 26th or 27th.

Given that, I think SugarBowl is the best bet for immediate snowboard friendly terrain.

RT89 will probably be jammed with people going to Squaw and Alpine, so the drive time savings will probably more like 45min to an 1hr each way going to SB. If it is snowing w/ chain controls, the saving might be 2+ hrs with avoiding the summit.

Since SB will probably be crowded, try to get there early (<8:30) and expect some liftlines. Note: You can get coffee and some lite breakfast things in the Judah lodge.

Have a fun day.

Merry Christmas.

Note: Outside the holidays, you should give Squaw and Alpine Meadows a try.
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