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Atomic GS 9

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Picked these skis up used, for 149.95 at the Hunter Mtn shop.
Really used them fully for the first time, during the Nightmare Before Christmas On Ice, at Hunter on 12/23.
I've never used a better riding pair of skis in my life. I don't have the right words to describe what a fine ride these skis are.
Half the problems I've been having disappeared in my first run on these babies.
Just, Simply, Amazing.
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They are great skis. But it also takes a pilot.
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I was worried that the turn radius might be a problem, with the necessity of avoiding (human) obstacles at Hunter. These skis turn on a dime, and remain stable and smooth feeling all the way through sudden short turns on chop. They go where they're pointed, without complaining.
I'm in love....
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I nice to be able to rely on your gear. For a GS TR they are very quick from edge to edge. Head & Stockli skis provide the same sense of euphoria.
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That's it exactly. 'Very quick from edge to edge'.
And euphoria is the word!
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