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Wintergreen was almost a total bust yesterday. Not the resorts fault. Only Dobie and Eagle Swoop open. The thaw and the rain had taken its toll. They were in recovery mode.

Snow was an ungroomed mix of mashed potatoes over frozen ruts. Totally different that our first trip 2 weeks ago. Then it was a virgin 1st layer that was groomed flat and fast. It was sunny but visibilty was extremely poor due to snow guns. We could not keep our goggle clean. Oh incidently we picked up a new pair of spyder gloves for my son that had a rubber wiper sewn into the back of the thumb. VERY NIIIIICE!!

By 2 o'clock conditions and the concentration of adventurous beginners had combined to form the perfect storm, an accident just waiting to happen so we packed it in. It was strange because my 12 year old son called a stop to the madness and my daughter and I agreed.

All in all a day outside is better than a day at work. The kids and I enjoyed being together and as always Hot Chocolate and Chilli by the fire.

So I think we will wait for better conditions. Hopefully winter is here to stay and they can get things in shape. Next scheduled trip is in the Jan 19th time frame.

See Ya