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First turns, 8 months after hammiegraft

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I finished up 3 days of skiing at Taos yesterday. The run where I tore my ACL was roped off...bummer, I wanted to ski it like I should have last time.

Its been 8 1/2 months since my surgery and I found my skiing to be very close to where it was pre ACL. I had absolutely no pain or swelling.

I hope that encourages some of you who are worried or apprehensive about your return to the hill.

While sitting on chairlifts without footrests, I can feel a slight hardness under my thigh, scar tissue I suppose. Never felt it before, not bothersome at all.

Before my trip I walked around in my house in my new boots and I could feel my hamstring...not pain, kind of a pulling sensation. Walking all over the place at Taos....never felt it.

Now the good part...I forgot my brace the first day so I started off taking it real easy. Within two or three runs, I was ripping groomers at machspeed. Felt great. Perfect. Normal.

Next day, Simonbda and I skied Al's and some other bump runs with the cheapo brace, No problems at all.

Skied 3 days, all day...never even a hint at pain or swelling. This really surprised me, I thought surely I would have symptoms of some sort...none at all.

Day 3 was fresh snow all day. Thighs got a workout in the bumps and chop, but no problems with the knee. I did notice a small twinge of hammie pain when removing my boots after skiing. It was cold and my boots are very stiff, took a few extra moments to get my foot out.

I passed on hiking the ridge with Simon, in retrospect I am sure it would have been no problem.

Oh yeah...I am the worlds worst re-hab patient, hardly did any.

Totally thrilled with the results, never dreamed it would be like this.
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Glad to hear!
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W00t! W00t!!!
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Thanks num & Bonni...

I know both of you have had your own mountains to's to us all making it back to the summit...
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Thats great!
I went w/ the Allograph and plan on hitting PT pretty hard but wont see snow till next season
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CB BB...

I just now saw your post and your pic...ouch. Reminds me of what my leg looked like months ago. I wish you well in your recovery.
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First time poster here. Just wanted to thank you for posting about returning to the is very encouraging. Just blew out my knee last week on holiday in Stowe, Vermont- complete ACL tear, medial meniscus tear, tibial plateau fracture, and gastroc tear. Needless to say this ski season is OVER. I'm scheduled for ACL reconstruction next week with a hammy graft...I hope to be back in action by the time the first flakes fall next season. Congrats on your recovery- your post cheered me up!  :)

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Sorry to hear you blew your knee. Sounds like you will have 10 months or so to get ready for next season...plenty of time. There are many here who have experienced similar injuries, if you have any questions, and you will, feel free to tap into the help that is available here.


Looks like your injury is a bit more severe than mine, but sounds similar to what num had, if I recall correctly.


Fear not, its not a complex surgery, nor is it very painful. Hang in there and keep us posted. Thanks for letting me know my post cheered you up. Your post cheered me up!.

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