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Thanks Atomicman

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I had my new boards tuned 1/3 by Le Ski Mastery at Taos...

Absolutely perfect feel, GREAT on hardpack (some would call ice).

No de-tuning of tips and tails. Wow. Wish I would have done this a long time ago.

Thanks to Atomicman (and many others) for sticking to his guns and teaching us what works.
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Good on ya and Happy Holidays!

I've learned a lot from Rantman.....Er....Bevelman....as well and definitely appreciate his 'assertiveness'.

With all this snow who needs frickin' edges anyway?
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Yeah I think Atomicman has single handedly given epic a reputation for only caring about base bevels and the like!!
How fascinating indeed that could happen!

Snowfan, congrats on the skis. Did Alain tune them? I've only been to Taos for one ski week but spent a little time with Alain. For some reason - I think because I was always bringing my skis in late, I ended up waxing skis in his shop! He got all mad at me because I was using too much wax! Really, Alain Veth is another one of the treasures of Taos.
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I'll be ordering some tuning supplies soon, to maintain what I've got. Still want to stop by on my way up the road for some tuning tips and perhaps turns.


I don't know if Alain did them himself. I demo'ed Stocklis from him last season and really enjoyed visiting with him. He is indeed a Taos treasure.
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After two tries I finally got my Metron B5's to 1/3. First time the sidewall was in the way but I didn't realize it. Removed the sidewall and used a marker to check (to include on the side all to make sure I wasn't touching it).

Today I skied them and found out on the first run what everyone means by a 1/3 being more demanding than a 1/2. Coming out of a turn took a little more effort. Once I caught on, I liked it.

The only down side is that I'm running out of excuses for being such a crappy skier.

Glad I listened here and not to the shop.

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