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Atomic skis

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Does anyone know the difference between Atomic Nomad Coolgrey and Atomic Nomad Bluemoon Skis?

Thank You
for your input
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never heard of the coolgrey

are you maybe talking about the nomad whiteout? if so its the same ski as the blackeye but a little softer and missing a few of those little flex zones...also has the cheaper/lighter 4tix binding...79 mm wasit as opposed to the 72mm on the bluemoon

the bluemoon is id say an 80/20 on/off piste ski for a less aggressive skier who wants that nomad look...the whiteout is a pretty cool little all mountain ski for a good skier who happens to be lighter...
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Atomic Coolgrey

seems that the Coolgrey has the same dims. as the Blue Moon but is a bit stiffer (more so-called TFCs) but also has the 4Tix binding.
It was reviewed in SKI mag last year:
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Is there a difference between 07-08 and 08-09 Bluemoons besides the graphics?
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