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Crimson Ti vs AC50

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Ok, I need a little advice for what to buy myself for Christmas. I'm looking at either the Crimson Ti or the AC50. 6', 190lbs, Midwest based skier with a couple trips out to Colorado or Tahoe every year. If I'm out west and they get substantial powder, I grab some powder specific skis, so I don't have to worry about getting through more than a couple inches of powder with my new skis.

I currently have M:EXs and love them, but they are a bit heavy.

As for skiing style, I like high speed cruising and quick turns depending on the mood (and the hangover).

What do you folks recommend?
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theyre both awesome...either way youll do well for yourself. i preferred the volkl as i felt a little more feedback from it...it also felt a little more springier edge to edge, due in part to that wideride binding..

consider the grizzly...ac50 on steroids...if youre aggresive at 190 you might loooooooove it. its one of the most fun skis ive ever skied on. like a gs ski with a big set of brass balls..
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My response may be out of date since it's now after Christmas but I just saw this thread. I demoed both skis & preferred the Crimson Ti, especially for quick turns, which is what I prefer. The AC50s are nice, don't get me wrong, but tended to favor longer GS type turns & were pretty burly to get from edge to edge. The Crimson Ti were easier to make shorter radius turns for me & I therefore liked them better for me & my preferences. Let us know which ski you end(ed) up buying.
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